Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend DIY Facial

I love to go to facial spas to have my facial treatment. The excitement of me going there is just amazing that I'm always looking forward to seeing my regular beauty specialist to give my skin a good scrubbing and pampering. But lately I'm missing a lot of sessions due to work.

I miss the laid back manner I used to get. Just laying on the treatment bed, close my eyes, even doze off or dream that I'm in some place beautiful like in a cabana near the beach while somebody does and put the good stuff on me. Ang lakas maka donya levelz right?

Anyway, since I don't have the luxury of doing that lately,  I'll do my own facial treatment today. (From langit biglang baba sa lupa ang peg) lol!

Doing your own facial is not stressful at all. All I need to do is to spend time alone in the bath.  A little spa music does the trick on me. As it gives the pleasure of just going with the flow while preparing the things I need. Yes, ladies no rush rush when you do your own facial at home please. :) Let your body relax so your skin would go on relax mood too.

Today I opted to use my konjac sponge without the cleanser.

Why without the cleanser? My konjac sponge has its own natural cleansing power already.  And it's naturally has alkaline to cleanse. Preserve skin elasticity and very good on taking off dead skin cells. 
I swear by My Konjac Sponge. It is definitely the best non-abrasive skin exfoliator I've ever tried.  5 thumbs up!

I give my self a good facial scrub of this down to my neck to make sure I take off all that dead skin cells out.  A good 2 mins scrubbing is all it takes to finish this part

Then I put on Vichy Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion. This is a toner, which I thought was quite well formulated for oily/acne-prone skin.  It gives that refreshing feeling on my face without the sting! 

It has very interesting ingredients to it.  Water, betaine that serves as an anti-inflammatory (for acne-prone skin). Glycerin act at a moisturizer and Salicylic acid which is good for acne / oily skin. And over all most of its ingredients are for clearing the skin.  Love di ba?

Then I used Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence.  This one is the cheap dupe of of SKII Essence. It's all natural and fragrance free. It acts as my skin brightener.  

Lastly I use Skin Food Ancient Rice Emulsion. This is now my fave moisturizer. It has these 3 rice ingredients that gives nutrients to my skin. It leaves my skin nourished, firm at the same time soft to the touch. 

I let each product set on my skin before I top it up with another. Just to make sure all those good nutrients and minerals really sink in to my skin. This is what I really call pampering the skin.     I don't put make up after this process so I could let my skin breathe and be natural as it is. 

Overall, this process only consumed 30 mins of my ME time so I still have a long day to spend with my Family and other things. 

So how do you do your DIY facial??? 


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