Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bangs "Winnie Circle" Reusable bag

Saw this circular sako bag in ThreeSixty being sold for Hk$ 240.00 a piece. Bought it and put cooked food inside Chicken pasta, chicken salad and Half roated chicken( as you see I hate chicken). haha!

This eco bag made of Jute from Bangladesh. They have this motto " Spoil your self!-without spoiling the environment ... paying the heed to the importance if the Three R's ( REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE) is likely the best approach to solving the problems caused by our ever growing piles of trash which i find SO true. And so, I thought instead of using this bag as a shopping bag, why not use it as my everyday bag!!!!
Yes I'm a fan of shopping bags I do collect them BUT as far I know this BANG eco shopping bag is the best. It doesn't just look like an ordinary shopping bag at all. It is very stylish and elegant you can actually use it as an everyday bag ad no one will notice it aside from the people who knows ( of course, silly me!).

PLUS Bangs is easy to carry around as it's very light, spacious inside that you can actually throw in all the things you wanted for a holiday. It also has two side pockets that you can easly slide your folded brelly or water bottle inside.

See? Perfect for summer get away isn't it!

You can also see them here

Now I'm curious what is JUTE? made a little research and just discovered that "Jute" is actually Saluyot in Philippines! Wow! maybe we can also make this locally!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pink lips for Spring

Using Bourjois New Sweet kiss Lip Color is like Candy right on your face. Their colors are vibrant but not too shinny.

It has new generation of gliding formula which I find it really good. Plus these lipsticks has a good selection of fine and light oils that offers maximum ease upon application.

These yummy colors also has Argan Oil gives up to 8 hours moisturisation for ultra kissable lips.

hmmm... I'm not sure with the kissable lips but there sure is moisture as This one doesn't dry out my lips when I take it off.

Very Impressive.

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