Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Consuelo Haul!

After unpacking 134 boxes, looking for  1 box missing (until now I can't figure out what's  in it), arranging all the unpacked stuffs and suffered cough and cold, I can finally say I'm happy! And one way to give "consuelo" to my self is  going away for a few days and catch up with some shopping. =)

So while I was having a little me time I got myself the following:

Yep my much awaited Chanel Les Khakis nail lacquers which i've been lemming for a month now. Thanks to my secret angel who helped me purchase these babies earlier. 

Currently on with Chanel  Khakis Rose for 3days now, and so far so good. No chip and No scratch. =)  

Then got a fix of my favorite make up brand MAC. Gladly the new collection from Venomous Villains already arrived and my very reliable MUA reserved me a whole set to choose from.

VV Lippies Sinister, Dark Deed and Heartless

Blushes &Eye Shadow Duo: Darkly My Dear,  My Dark Magic  and Bite of an Apple

Beauty powders: Oh So Fair, Briar Rose and Her Own Devices. I'm on  a beauty powder craze! I love these shades just because they're matte and I can use them as a blusher.

Also got this finely milled loose powder Truth & Light which my fave MUA explained it to me as made from 70% water so you can feel its coolness upon application.   And the Oh so Vain Mirror!

Lastly, I know I won't get away without these nice eye shadows DE-Vil and Vainglorious!

Oops! Almost forgot to post the Nail Polishes! 

Yes  definitely I'm a MAC addict!

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