Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can't have too many bazaars!

Though this weekend is exceptional as I will be having 2 bazaars!!!

One in St. James The  Great Christmas Bazaar

And another at Rockwell Tent!

Excitement creeping on me!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chit Chat and Catch up!

After the joining the Global Pinoy Bazaar last weekend at Rockwell tent I thought I'll just collapse. Hahahah! I've never felt so tired in my life! No regrets though because I'm happy that I was able to meet new faces and new friends.   

This is Amber Lights Laguna  stand at the bazaar. Sorry guys  I really suck and  not good on my table display ha ha ha!( need to learn from my sister Marilou soon).   No picture of  of me during or while setting up because I really look like a sweaty baggage porter aka kargadora . The venue was like oven hot at 7am that I was  sweatty all over. Aircon was turned on at 9:30am. Yaiks! Hello Pneumonia!!!

Then 10am came, the selling has began! Not too many people around yet that early Saturday morning and so I took the liberty to interview Nico of AstigTV,  I mean  he interviewed me for AstigTV. Funny that before he started interviewing he kept on smelling candles. asking somany things about it and that how he love candles. Hmmm..... It took the director a good 10 minutes to wait for  him  to  stop smelling the candles and get the camera rolling.  (Photos courtesy of Sophie Uy of Beautynomics

Still Nico can't stop doing what he's doing! ha ha ha!

And the talking began. In this photo, I was actually shivering as the aircon was blowing on my face the whole 15mins! Brrrrr!!!!

The end of the interview that was a relief!

After the interview people flocked in the tent, We became busy selling, talking and selling once again. Good thing I have my reliable Cristy with me who helped me looked after the table. Evening came my Havie Friends came by for a little catching up and a nice dinner. We haven't seen each other for a month and rarely we meet up complete. That's why this night is special because Elsa showed up looking very slim. But still we're missing Gee and Janis who came by the next day.   Never mind girls we'll see each other soon again for the Christmas party.

In this photo L-R Therese, Pao, Moi, Patty, Pia with Clara and Elsa. Gees! Els, you really look good on that new figure! (Photo Courtesy of Arkin Magalona)

Dinner finished just in time for me to go back to the table and pack up.

Whew! That's a lot of chit chat!

Wanna see me in action during a bazaar? Let me have a good rest first and see me next week in Moonlit Bazaar at Rockwell tent. Mwah! 

Time flies like butterflies!

Time flies so fast!!! I really need to catch up on blogging and it bugs me every time I decide to blog a lot of thing had already happened. 

Okay to give you a birds eye view of what has happened the last couple of weeks ( as if you care anyway right?). I'll just make a summary of all that has passed and I hope I could incorporate my nail issue on to this matter. he he he! how will I do that? Let's see. 

Spending my time with hubby didn't make me care less of my nails but as soon as he saw me doing so much work he treated me to a nice Sunday family day  mani and pedi session. Yup the 3 of us hubby daughter and I went to CANS to have our tips and toes polished and well manicured. 

Result a well trimmed tips with my new Chanel Khaki Rose! I asked my nail tech lady to trim my nails short for I know that in the next few days these finger tips will have a beating from producing my ALLscented soya candles, joining bazaars moving boxes here and there. Oh included doing my inventory on the list please! Plus house hold work!
So here's my Sister and Mom helping me out at the bazaar last October 16, 2010.
Mom and My Sister Marilou helped me at Zonta Bazaar

Dannielle on the left most with her classmates during their United Nations day and Halloween Celebration in school Oct. 29,2010.

Helped out on our PTA booth 

Then  Oct. 30 Dannielle on her Costplay costume attending the Halloween trick or treat at Stonecrest. Whew! Busy Busy Busy!!!

After all of these has passed I looked at my nails and told my self I have to give them a treat

Nov. 1, 2010 I kept my promise! RBL Bikini Bottom is the treat! 

Happy ME!!! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Consuelo Haul!

After unpacking 134 boxes, looking for  1 box missing (until now I can't figure out what's  in it), arranging all the unpacked stuffs and suffered cough and cold, I can finally say I'm happy! And one way to give "consuelo" to my self is  going away for a few days and catch up with some shopping. =)

So while I was having a little me time I got myself the following:

Yep my much awaited Chanel Les Khakis nail lacquers which i've been lemming for a month now. Thanks to my secret angel who helped me purchase these babies earlier. 

Currently on with Chanel  Khakis Rose for 3days now, and so far so good. No chip and No scratch. =)  

Then got a fix of my favorite make up brand MAC. Gladly the new collection from Venomous Villains already arrived and my very reliable MUA reserved me a whole set to choose from.

VV Lippies Sinister, Dark Deed and Heartless

Blushes &Eye Shadow Duo: Darkly My Dear,  My Dark Magic  and Bite of an Apple

Beauty powders: Oh So Fair, Briar Rose and Her Own Devices. I'm on  a beauty powder craze! I love these shades just because they're matte and I can use them as a blusher.

Also got this finely milled loose powder Truth & Light which my fave MUA explained it to me as made from 70% water so you can feel its coolness upon application.   And the Oh so Vain Mirror!

Lastly, I know I won't get away without these nice eye shadows DE-Vil and Vainglorious!

Oops! Almost forgot to post the Nail Polishes! 

Yes  definitely I'm a MAC addict!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

loving LAKA Nail Polish from Israel!

Last week when 2 of my good friends "Pao and Keng"  came to Hong Kong, they felt like kids left alone.

Both went to

Ocean Park


and Macau 

While  I was  stuck Macdonnell Road 
doing some packing for our relocation to Philippines. he he he!

Nothing to worry though because every other day we see one another for a shopping spree, lunch and dine.

Yung Kee in Central 

Arirang Times Square

Dim Sum at Metropol Admiralty

Cafe Deco at the Peak

Roaming with these 2 girls  around HK  without an itinerary was so dangerous. Last Thursday we went to LCX in Ocean terminal to see if I could find Fossil shop to get the bag that I was eyeing for. But we found out that the shop was closed down and the only one open was the shop in SHATIN in the new territories.  Geez! No way, I'm going there! ha ha ha!

Anyway, instead of sulking to my disappointment, the girls found other things to make ourselves busy. Bought Ice watch for Venny and bought

Tony Moly egg pore minimizer which we find the container so amusing.

And then we came across 

Laka is a nail polish brand from Israel. That's the only thing we learned about this product. 

Yes, the panaflex said it right I've never seen as many pinks


  Look at the wide range of n/p's they have!

Seeing these colorful nail polishes made me and Paos' heart go "Thug! dug!" ha ha ha! 

All we can say is Wow! Wow! Wow!

We started pointing and grasped "I want this and that" but our budget only says YES to a few.

I haven't swatched these babies at first because I was busy applying MAC Nail Trend on my nails. 

Then  Pao told me to try out my LAKA hauls ASAP for they were so easy to apply.

And so I did

LAKA  81 is a deep blue green color 

dupe to OPIs' Ski Til We Drop

LAKA 84 is described as green tea by the SA

Sorry can't find a dupe for this one. The nearest I could find is  Etude House GR 605

LAKA 95 is  dupe to

ORLY Mirror Mirror

LAKA 95 

is dupe to MUSE Illamasqua

LAKA 86 gray

Yes! Pao was right on the spot! 
These nail polishes  were easy to apply. You only need one or two coats to achieve the same color as the ones in the bottle. Thumbs up! 

I think I'll be getting more of these babies when I get back to HK in October.  

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