Friday, December 28, 2012

Simple Review on Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator

Hello there! I know it's been a while and I've been very preoccupied with a lot of happenings in my life (Family  and business). So my apologies if I haven't posted anything for a long long time.

Anyways, for the longest time I've been lemming for Sleek Make Up's Glisten me Liquid Illuminator. I can't decide which one to get so I got both Empress & Goddess!  I've read so much great reviews about it so I placed an order. Then after a few weeks it finally arrived! Yay!

Sleek Says: "A liquid illuminator with light reflecting mica pigments, Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator is great for highlighting face and body for a glowing appearance." 

See why I got so curious and got them? Packaging wise is very classy. The matte cover and the frosted glass bottle is just says glam! 
It also has a spatula attached to the lid to control how much product you wanted to apply. 
This for me is a plus as always tend to pour a lot. (clumsy me)

Both colors are promising and great for a high lighting someone's great assets and features.  Pigmentation is just right and not overly crazy when applied and lathered evenly. 

Look at those gorgeous colors! This is just a small smudge 
on my skin and both really gave that instant beautiful glow! Yay! 

I can't wait to use these on my 

make up sessions and photoshoots too! Yipee! 

Have you tried Glisten Me??? If you haven't, then you must!  

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