Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sights Part 2

On our way to LA we took the Scenic Route Hi-way 01

Sorry I dont know this lady but she's a good contrast to my view

Satyed at Ragged Point Inn for a night. We passed by this place last time and we though next time we come back we'll stay over night. And we did only  sad that the sea fog already crept in when we arrive so I wasn't able to get good photo on that part. 

This was taken the next day. 

Oh well!

 Never mind and so we headed down to Hearst Castle not too far from it  and boy the view up there was superb!

It was about 87 degree when we arrive up in the castle. We'd love to swim but we're not allowed. 

and finally we hit LA!!!!

We had fun taking pictures around here and around Rodeo Drive too.

Next stop!!!!

Ronald Reagan Memorial Library. 
This is a must visit when you get to LA.

Awesome!!!! Thank you to my bff Norlie for bringing us here!

Next adventure is

  Cherry Picking!!!!

Yup They're bright red but definitely sweet!

Some of the purple one I really have to get them by using my childhood talent "tree climbing" hubby was really really shocked! ha ha ha!

We managed to fill up half of the bucket and we're also full from the free eating  so we finished the trip by paying almost S30.00 worth of cherries! 

That's all folks!!!!  

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We only have 2 weeks to spend together and so we are taking advantage of the time. Let me share with you a quick glimpse of where we went this summer 2011.

We spent sunset looking over San Francisco Bridge

 Shopped and walked around the Ferry Terminal

had a quick tour around Sausalito

Watched the Volcanic water spray at Geysler

Wine tasting in Napa Valley

Visited the Capital State  Sacramento

There you go. Wish you were with us!

Hope every one is safe!

Read the news about Falcon typhoon thru the web and I again feel sorry for those who are stranded on the streets, in their offices and schools. You know what? Every time there's news about flooding and typhoon coming in to Phils. I really imagine the Ondoy scenario. I kept on praying that hope it will not be the same as that again.  I really pray and  wish DPWH can do something about our drainage system so we won't have any on these floodings again.

Stay Safe and keep dry everyone!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Solstice is over Rainy Season is here!

As for my last blog. I just want to clear to everyone that my last post was just an expression of emotion. I don't hold grudges to the organizer of the said bazaar but let's just say I'm more aware now that these things do happen to us bazaaristas and organizers alike. 

I got an email from organizers few days ago and they've already said their piece on the issues that they had. And for me that's enough. They said they're willing to refund 15% to all concessionaires, I did respond to them in return and bargained. For now, I'm waiting for their response. 

Anyway, whether they answer or not to my email its totally fine. Damage has been done and lets just say both parties learn the lesson. 

For this I can say "Let's all charge it to experience."

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Expecting This From SUMMER SOLSTICE Organizers!

 I'm not bitter and I'm not expecting Big Elephant  Creatives to come back to me and redeem themselves. Refund is also a blurr. And besides  the damage has been done and so I just want to share this with you fellow bazaaristas. 

The Summer  Solstice  event was a huge FLOP! 
Why? Because the organizer Big Elephant Creatives failed to deliver its promise. 

Faulty areas

1. NO Credit Card Facility was provided on the first day of sale.  CC facility was only provided on the second day but concessionaires were not informed of its availability.  

( Organizers, we concessionaires paid for that CC terminal  for 3 days! Not just for 2days!)

(according to their contract)
The PARTICIPANT may avail of the credit card service provided by The ORGANIZER terms of usage are of as follows:
a. Service Fee: The ORGANIZER shall implement a Service Fee of 10%. The service fee will be automatically deducted from the total amount to be remitted.
b Remittance: Payments will be directly deposited to the account specified by the PARTICIPANT within 30 (thirty) working days after the event. A remittance advisory will be sent to you through SMS and Email.
c. Credit Card Fraud: The ORGANIZER will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions made by the credit card holder. PARTICIPANTS are responsible checking for customers’ valid IDs when engaging in credit card transactions.
d. Transaction Errors: PARTICIPANTS will be asked to submit only the TOTAL TRANSACTION AMOUNT to be entered in the POS Terminal. The ORGANIZER will not be responsible for computing the total amount of sales to be credited for each transaction.
e. Exchange of Goods and Refunds: The ORGANIZER will NOT be responsible for the Exchange / Refund of items purchased using the on-site credit card facility.
f. Transaction Booth: All transactions must be made at the official credit card transaction booth set up by the ORGANIZER. Transactions made outside of this booth shall not be deemed valid.

2. Poor Airconditioning and Lightting - The place feels like we were in a sauna house from 10am til 5pm for  3days!!! We complained to the organizer but sadly no action was done. 

Note: without the concessionaires spot lights this place is dark. Notice also the Iwata mobile aircoditioners  in this photo and others that can't cope with the heat.

3.   Foot trafiic /buyers are RARE-  Organizers said they met the head count of 10,000 on the said bazaar. But concessionaires didn't see them. 

I wonder if this guy even know what he is talking about?hmmmm

  • Glen Coquia
    Hi shoppers! With over 1,000 visitors today, we're calling Day1 of Summer Solstice Bazaar a booming success! See you all again tomorrow and bring your friends!

    • 2 people like this.

      • Tinette Lukban Infantado Super crowded ba glen?
        Saturday at 00:04 · 

      • Em Matias Lots of great finds in the bazaar so please bring CASH as there's no ATM and/or credit card terminal in Megatent. See you all there!
        Saturday at 00:18 ·  ·  1 person

if you spot those 1k or 10k people that the organizer was talking about please enlighten me.

They're not all wearing Harry Potter's invisible cloak, were they?  

Because of these reasons concessionaires decided to talk to the 3 organizers 

But lo and behold the organizers are no where to be found!!!! By then the concessionaire  group decided to make a refund letter for a 30%-to 50%. (will post pic later.)

While people started looking for the organizers,  we were informed that they're having a meeting. At 10pm Only Jessica Dee showed her face up but nothing concrete to say to concessionaires and left again after receiving a call. Guess what? She never came back!  OMG!!!! Words flew here and there. Some even video the whole scene when the guards don't want to let concessionaire out of the tent! 

So bazaaristas  I call upon you  not to  trust these people anymore! Big Elephant Creatives – Jessica Dee, Patricia Lee, Jerold. 

You’re better off with other organizers.

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