Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pamper time with Salon @ Home

Most of my friends know very well that I do my own nails and I occasionally go to my fave Nail Salon.  Today I'm a little bit desperate to have my tips done before leaving once again. But no chance go for a quick stop at the nail spa same as doing my own, so I ask for help from Salon @ Home. (first time to call in baby).

Anyway, here's their brochure that lists down all the services they render. not bad for a price di ba? 

I talked to their nice operator and asked if they have a slot for me and  that I'd like to have  a Mani Pedi ASAP as  I have some friends coming over tonight.   She was so accommodating that immediately she told me that she can send someone over at 1pm. not too bad ei? I heard they were busy everyday. Tunog chismosa lang. =))

Mind you I'm very particular with call in services as I don't really want a stranger doing my tips and toes.or not recommended by a very very good friends. And most of all i don't want a total stranger coming into our house. 

A-fraiddy Aguilar!

And then came  the  staff who's in a nice clean  uniform and well presented.  Her name is Stella.  

 She's got all the things she needed in a plastic box. Even a lamp ha. Galeng! (sorry i forgot to take a photo of it) 

She's so good that I actually doze off! hahahaha! Bihira mangyari yan sa kin. 

So here's my super clean tips. of course I use my ever favorite color Chanel Coromandel. 

Next is Dannielle!!! 

So far both Dannielle and i are happy with Salon @ Home's mani & pedi service. And I'd give them a 4 out of 5 stars. 

We'll try their  body scrub next time!  


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel: Four Seasons, Macau

Last week C & I were invite to a very special wedding in Macau. It's the wedding of C's first God daughter  Jenny.

Though we know that we just lost our dearest Maggie recently, C & I thought we have to move on little by little. and so we obliged to the invitation. 

Flying in to Macau

Our room is fit for a King & a Queen.  I love this bed. I haven't slept like a baby for a loooong time and this bed helped me catch on my much needed sleep talaga. Promise  for 2 days I woke up at half past 10! Hilata galore! 

the room was spacious, it's also  the first time I haven't bumped my self on any side or anywhere in this room. =)) 

Yes I'm a Kanto Queen lagi nalang ako nabubunggo sa mga kanto ng mga furnitures. =))

Bathroom is so chic I can live in it. =))

a choice of Rain shower or hand held one. Saya lang!  Towels are sooo soft! 

Oh! I see, Mr. Reed's product  "L'Occitane

L'occitane VERBENA  body Lotion Prized for its fresh, citrus aroma by women and men. A lightweight lotion that easily absorbs to comfort skin. Glad that they have this here as my skin tends to dry out an all day stay at an airconditioned room.  Will eliminate the "tight" or itchy feeling skin often has after showering. 

Organic extract of verbena helps to calm skin;  Love the smell of orange, geranium and lemon tree in it to  contribute to uplifting aroma.

While the L'occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Milk  is formulated with a 100% vegetable base and enriched with nourishing Shea Butter which is one of the most moisturizing oil I love on  my body . 

It gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes the skin. The formula is non-irritating, suitable for all. =))

L'occittane Repairing Shampoo  and conditioner  which both has a natural complex of 5 essential oil  extracted from Angelica, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang and Patchouli which work together in synergy to help repair, strengthen, regenerate and soften dry and damaged hair.   

Mind you this Shampoo is not bubbly as any other shampoo but the scent is so relaxing and my hair feels squeeky clean after rinsing.

It contains Wheat Proteins which further smoothes and softens capillary fibers, giving your hair radiance and strength.

While the conditioner also feels really soft on my hair. WOW! 

Ssssshhhh! I hoarded a huge bottle of these at the airport.  Di ako maka get over. =))

Hey! The Shower gel is simply gorgeous on  my skin.

I love L'occitane!!!

Now back to my room!  Ay closet na pala itech! ha ha ha! 
Both C & I can fit in this closet mind you! Ang laki!!!

I like these drawers, i can easily find my things just by looking at them. =)) Nice i deas for my next project. Sana. =)

 Then the stationeries!!!  They have  a very shala paper ha. Post card which we usually send one to Maggie but now no one to send this for. =(

 View down below! Wagi!!

Four Seasons Macau pool area

Grand  & Elegant

I love their floral arrangements throughout the hotel lobby. 

The extravagant lobby. I'm at awe! Para lang akong dwende oi! =)

Entrance to the lobby from the pool area.  


Now I'm off to my next adventure!!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Me With Sleek Eau la la Liners

When I heard that Sleek Make UP is coming up with a  liner. I thought hmmm... most probably it'll be the same as the old ones but with a different packaging.  I though it'll be like same old color as black brown blue and purple which I usually see mostly in a make up brand. 

 But I was totally taken aback when I saw that the liners they were talking about on the blog sphere were long lasting and  it could be use for something more that just an eyeliner that's when I thought I should check it out.

And lo and behold I was proven wrong! These is not the regular  liner I often see.But 

Here's what it says: 

20 colors to choose from! And to play around with that I find awesome! 

The smudge proof I'm not surprise that they would come up with one as It was expected that Sleek Make Up must surpass the last eyeliner on its own brand. 

So with that claim I told myself that I had to get them and try. Sadly, I got only 14 of them so I still need to find the other 6. =))

Here they are

 and swatches!!!

Swatches From Left to Right: 
Noir, Pumpkin, Moulin Rouge, Raisin, Red Night Sky, Blue Moon, Venom, Canary Yellow, Tonic, Melba, Satchel, Bullion, Noir and Cobalt blue. 

Okay! So tonight, I wouldn't take them off because I really wanted to see if they're  really smudge proof and how many hours will they last. ( Good thing I already showered and now ready for bed) 

I'll post in the morning what happened to them okay. Good night for now. =)) 

Here's what they look like this morning after all that tossing and turning in bed

They've smudged a little but not as I thought they will be. ( I'm a restless sleeper so I expect them to be almost gone this morning). =P 

Not bad right? They are still visible and no smear on my sheets. Smudge proof is claim is TRUE!!!


*Colors are superb and very pigmented. 
*Application is divine. 

*Nothing bad to say about the product really aside from for now it's just available on Sleek Make Up site and Super Drug Stores in UK.

Anyway, for our next post 

On the claim  where I was really intrigued "MULTI-PURPOSE pencils".

Will try them on next so watch out for that on my next post. =)) 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back to Green with Tony Moly

Finally did my tips after 3 weeks of no polish phase.  Weeee!

Tony Moly OC10 !

Oh how I miss doing this. =)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sleek Make Up True Color Lipstick Swatches

Call me crazy all you want but I'm deeply in love with Sleek True Color Lipstick! 

Sleek True Color Lipstick

what it says:
A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat. 

Can be applied using a lip brush for a professional finish. 3.5g

Sleek Make Up Swatches

All True Color lipstick are very pigmented. There's Sheen and Matte finish. Some with shimmers too. They are mostly bold b,right and beautiful! 

Yes, this Girl can't go out without a lipstick! =) 

Most colors could be worn from day to night
Packaging doesn't look cheap and very sturdy
No smell nor taste
Good formulation
Cheap for  only Php 400  locally

All bright & bold
I wish they could come up with more nude colors
Matte formulation could be drying but could be mended by applying a lip balm first which is sometimes a hassle.

Recommend these colors to people who love bold colors and to the ones who would like to use just lipstick as their everyday make up. 

Will I buy again? Definitely, Yes. =))

Rave: Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick by Rimmel London

I went back to the beautiful city of Glasgow last May 27th greeted by a beautiful scenery but not in a very beautiful circumstances. (Nope I won't let you read bout my sad story so let's just get on with the blog). 

This is what I saw when I arrived  going back to Maggie's.
Cherry blossoms everywhere!!! 
Beautiful Isn't it?

Amazing colors of spring in the UK really made so touched and inspired. 

I told myself that before I leave this place and won't be coming back soon again maybe I should bring in something and here's what I got. 

Maggie and I share the passion on lipstick and I thought of getting some new  Rimmel by Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick before I head back home. 

And here they are.

What it says:
Amazing alluring shades developed by Kate for RIMMEL Exclusive signature pack. Smooth on pure London class with the Iconic Lasting Finish Kate lipstick. A true chic treat.
Unique, sexy and unconventional, just like Kate. Black Diamond brings incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Creating gorgeous, hypnotizing tones that make you look, then look again. Wow. A whole new world.
With Exclusive Black Diamond Pigment Complex.
  • Reflects light like never before
  • Light-reflective properties of black diamond to reach colours beyond traditional spectrum
  • Get ready to fall in love with your new signature colour…
  • Extraordinary mesmerizing chic, alluring shades
Capturing all the flair, edge and timelessness of Kate’s unique look

 Kate 02, 05 and 12

swatched 02 , 05 & 12

Kate 02  my love at first site. it has  a deep pink shade that really made me think that it could pass as dupe for MAC's rare exotic (mattine)  except that Kate 02 is in sheen. 

Kate 05 is also a wow for me. I use this often when I was out during the day and it gives me that fresh and not overly made up  at daytime.  Some of the reviews I read say that this could pass as  dupe of Star Fuchsia of Dior. I haven't tried Star Fuchsia myself so I can only see it on the online swatches. Yes they have the same shade of pink  but Kate 05 has this tiny bit of shimmer that you'd really would like to have in a girly pink lippie. 

Kate 12 is my kind of orange lipstick. I'm not a fan of orange lippies but this one is really nice for the summer. Gives me that sun kissed tan illusion on my face. 

Packaging is sophisticated
Non drying
Really pigmented 
Lasts a good 5hours without eating or drinking (leaves a stain your lips when wiped)
Glides easily 
Love that sweet cherry vanilla scent  ( i'm not sure if you guys  would mind the smell but I'm fond of it)

Limited Edition 
Not lasting as 8 to 10 hours
Not availalble locally but could be ordered via Superdrug or  online
Not as matte as I expect it to be

Over all RImmel 's Kate Lipsticks are superb!!!

Will I purchase it again???

 I don't have to 






Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Letting It Pass

Remember when Itold you that I just came from Scotland for a brief holiday? Well now I'm again back to the cold city. Only this time not for a holiday but to say goodbye to a very dear family. My very cheerful and lovely sister in law passed away only 3 weeks after we left last March.

with a broken heart we are back to Glasgow to pay our respect and fix all the necessary things and docs for her cremation.

And so bear with me if I'm letting most of my reviews pass. :(

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