Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aqua Collection By Sleek Make Up

 Sleek Make Up once again has  caught my attention. when I got an email that Sleek will be coming out with an aqua collection I told myself here I go again drooling over beautiful shades and colors that Sleek will come up with. 

But when Hubby told me that he'll going away for a week in UK. I immediately asked him if he could score me these babies. =) 

And because mi Amore is a spoiler, he happily got me the whole collection! Yay!!!! 

I've been shying away on make up for a long long while,  but every time Sleek Make Up comes out with a new collection my heart jumps out of my chest. 


Look down and you'll find out!

See what I mean? 
New Collection From Sleek make Up made me so excited this summer. With all its vibrant colors and refreshing hues It's like summer 2013 is going be a blast! 

The Collection: 

i-Divine- LagoonThe pigment packed Lagoon i-Divine eye shadow palette boasts 12 shades that pop on all skin tones, with colours inspired by legendary tales of mermaids. Including 9 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades, Lagoon i-Divine holds the key colours to be seen in this spring. Choose from shades such as Sassea an aquatic blue, Emerald a sea green, Sand Dollar a shimmering shell shade for a wearable wash of colour on lids, and a matte coral shade aptly named Ariel! Black Pearl produces a smoky pearlescent finish that adds a contrasting gothic appeal, perfect for a smoky eye.

Mirriored Blush: Shimmer and shine with the silky fine and ultra long lasting Mirrored Pink blush that suits all skin tones. Swirl on to cheeks for a reflective, gleaming pink shade that gives a lustrous shine to skin, harmonising perfectly with the high shine of the eye shadows.

Nail Set: Deep Waves features four oceanic themed shades that add a jolt of vibrancy in primary colours such as Tropic (yellow) , Pink Mirage (pink) , Deep Coral (coral) and Cote d’Azur (azure blue).

Ooohhh! I can't wait to use these on my summer get away!!! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swatches: MUA Lip Boom

 I know I blogged about Lip Boom Lipsticks  ages ago and I promised that I'll be posting swatches if my memory serves me right. ha ha ha!  

anyways, here they are 

All of these lippies are on satin matte finish that I truly love.

They're mostly satin matte finish  that easily glides on lips without a drag.

All great for everyday use and as I told you on my earlier blog the finish is like  Chanel RA Velvet finish. 

Oh yes they're worth every penny.    


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