Friday, June 25, 2010

Want to try ZA cosmetics

Today, my Kumare  Janis asked me to get her some ZA cosmetics. She's been a user of ZA cosmetic for some time now and vows that the make up really has a very good staying power. But she confessed that she hasn't tried their skin care line so today she's braving to try them on. 

 Hmmm.... Being a shopper as I am, I really  hated to leave my list incomplete. Yup I wasn't able to find some of the items in SASA Queens way Plaza in Admiralty and so I decided to go to Watson's in Queens Road, Central to get the rest of  my dear friends'  lemmings! After taking a cab and grabbed  a bite of Croque Monsieur and  a finish a bottle of Water mellon juice. I was able to find them all!! Yipeee!!!! 

*ZA Pore Smoother (blue square at the bottom)- a light weight, super smooth balm that instantly reduces the appearance of pores. Absorbs excess oil and instantly leaves skin silky matte.

*ZA Dewy Effect lotion (green bottle)- claims to replenish your skin with plenty of moisture for silky soft, touchable skin.

*ZA Dewy Effect Creamy eye gel ( green small tube)-Claims to blend in gently with the skin around your eyes. Keeping your skin smooth and soft for hours. 

*ZA Blemish shoot Lotion (blue bottle)- This  lotion claims to replenish your skin with abundance of moisture. And tightens pores for a silky matte skin.

*ZA T-Zone Cleansing  Peel Off mask ( blue tube)-claims to cling firmly to pore-clogging excess sebum, Removes skin impurities such as black heads and white heads.
*ZA Groovy Smoothy Oil Blotting Powder (White box)- supposed to control greasiness and shine for speedy retouching make up. Dullness free, silk smooth skin.

ZA Wide Eyes Mascara (white long tubes below)

And because I was also intrigued  by them I've decide to get mine too.
 Along with my ZA Blemish Shoot  lotion, Groovy smoothy and Paper  Oil Blotter I also got my GOSH Nail polishes  in Black passion,  Purple heart, Sweet Peach and Neutrogena  Power cleanser and Pads.

                       Woohooo! Think I did well today. 


For a good job I gave myself  Hershey's Chocolates!!! 

Love It!!!!

Found A Good Eyeliner

Been hearing good reviews about Palgantong cosmetics. But I haven't tried any of its product until I tried their  Crazy Black eyeliner.

The Crazy Black Eye Liner has a very smooth slimline  finish. 

The white eyeliner has a shimmer effect that would really brighten up the eye. It could also be used as a highlighter.

It's only Hk$ 98.00 a pop. I think that's very affordable for a good quality product.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love the Green On Me!

Ha ha! I know what you are thinking you crazy little green minded!!!! 

This is what  mean!!!!

Yes, I've got a little green on me! Isn't he adorable?

And so I also painted some green on my tips! 

Oh! do I sound cheezy on this one ? 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say the HK Sale has begun!

This was taken last friday, I just forgot to post it right away as I was a little bit busy on sending away Jacqueline to Philippines and preparing the room for my daughter's arrival the following day.

Anyway After having very late lunch at Triple O I decided to walk around Pacific Place  and this is what  saw 

The Sale Has Begun!!!!


After that discovery I met up with  Marie (my niece)  at Mes Amis for a wee drink. Yes I need a drink or two. Heheheh! 

It's a nice way to finish my busy weekday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Know There's Still Hope!


THERE IS HOPE!!!! You'll find it or.......  


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look After My Hair

Our hair is our crowning glory, the silent beauty as I call it as it could catch somebody's breath for a minute or two and also the head turner to some. 

Without our luscious locks,  we ladies are like Samson. We are weak, limp and feel like we are not a pretty sight. I, myself feel like incomplete when my hair is not as shiny as I hope it should  be. 

And so how do I take care of it? I give it lots of tender loving care. Yes,  monthly I have hair treatment may it be a home or at my favorite salon. 

Using my favorite hair products of course.

Kerastase Oleo Fusion  for my treatment -
 2 vials of this could make the tip of your hair revitalized. Highly recommended for rebonded hair.

Kerastase Resitance Shampoo and Conditioner This product really helped me a lot whenI had my very bad hair "YEAR". Yes my hair got damaged a long time ago and this dynamic duo saved my days and weeks.

This serves as my hot oil treatment. Only a walnut size of this thick, rich and creamy paste would really make your hair soft and supple. And smell good too!

The effect?  Like this!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need to change my Nail Color!

Yesterday I posted some my newly acquired OPI and as promised today I'll do swatches. I also kept my promise that I won't be going out today to save myself to the temptations awaiting for me in the outside streets of Hong Kong! ha ha ha ha! I won I won!

Anyway, Jacq and I were also very happy because finally her American visa has arrived and for this she promised to treat me for a meal! Here it is!

Jacq can't wait to open up the envelope!

Ops! You can't touch this or else! ha ha!

This cause for a celebration!!!

Back to my new babies!

OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story- HK collection

OPI Jade Is The New Black- HK collection

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow- coleccion de espana 

OPI A Good Man-Darin Is Hard To Find -HK collection

OPI Absolutely Alice (from Alice in wonderland collection)

OPI Dim Sum Plum HK Collection

Hmmm....which of these I love most? I think its OPI's Here Today..Aragon tomorrow. For it's unusual color.  But to be honest  I love them all. Each and every one of them are unique in color! Help me make up my mind please!!!

Anyway, after all that  nail lacquer  swiping and nail polish remover wiping my head became light and wee bit spinning so that my friend is a WRAP! 

Nap Time!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't Stop Shopping!!!

Yup I'm back in the land of boutiques, shops and good food! I was only supposed to accompany my friend Jaqueline to drop off her huge big box at the post office and then we agreed to go home early. But right after we got rid of the 30kgs. box we became hungry and remembered all the things we needed to accomplish before going home. And so From 11am to 2pm  we have accomplished THESE!!! 

Lunch at Rice Paper 

Beef rolled in fresh veggies

Wagyu beef noodles

Chicken seafood Fried Rice

And my Hauls?

Clothes, Nail Lacquers and Shoes!!!
OPI, Chic Chic and Cosmiss Nail Laquers

Maud Frizon Ballet flats

And My Lushies!!!

Whew! I didn't know how we accomplished so many in so little time!

After attending a nice talk at Edinburgh Building I was again left alone wondering to SASA- the Beauty junkie paradise and got these! ( except for the n/l's I got them earlier with the others)

Right! I bow not to go out tomorrow! argh!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Want Something Red Today!

I told myself before leaving for Hong Kong,  I would like to have my nails done in RED. And so I did!

Thanks Nail Tropics !!! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Face Shop Blue Has Gone Matte!

Took this picture last weekend and I forgot to post it here. I was looking for that perfect navy blue for my nail color and here is the best I've got.

The Face shop BL 206 topped with Orly Matte Top!

Sorry for the mess I was so excited to take a pic and for got to clean up. hehehe!

For a perfect matte navy polish I'd vote for this one.  YES!

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