Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheering up this cloudy Sunday with MAC Imperial Flower

Cold Cloudy Sunday is not my kind of weekend. This is supposed to be a family day so it should be bright and sunny.

I should be relaxing and  listening to cool music while hubby is by my side  reading his book 

But what the heck  all of these are now just running through my head. I peek outside and it's still dull and flat. 

So to cheer me up a little I just put on my MAC Imperial Flower  nail polish.

Now that's it!
Orange color so bright it really made me smile.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Ever Runway Shoot

Ha! You wish!!!! Nope, it's not me . It's them! 

I was just one lucky gal invited to shoot the 

Renaissance Woman: Jewelry Fashion Show at Genting Club Resorts World

Though I really had a hard time adjusting my camera on it's right settings due to so many colored lights used in the event. 

Here are my interpretations 

Love my fierce look

I don't care less 

Enjoying  the moment

Strutting the runway

Looks that kill 

Pretty little thing

Looking through my lens

Very emotional piece.

I really had fun taking all these photos with my friends. I really wish there would be more opportunities for me to shoot  like this. =))

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch 3

At last, when the light left the sky and the wind started to roar, the sky turned into a shade beyond description—a dark greenish, blackish, brown, leading to a powerful Fortissimo, the finale chord of The Fire Bird. 

Don't let the muddy brown,greenish blackish powerful color fool you. 
Fortissimo is one hell of a  FIERCE color I own. 

A shimmery, semi-transparent golden beige, as if you could dip your nails in nacre. Slightly bohemian, so pile on a stack of jangly bracelets. 

It has taht nice gold shimmer that's not over the top. 
But it convenes power to those who executives. 

 Named after Henry's favorite wife, this pale, gray pearl has sheer washes of pink and gold. 

One of my fave nail polishes can be worn in any outfit and  in any event of your life. =)

"As the curtain rises on Swan Lake, a very soignée woman peers through her opera glasses and realizes the satiny slippers on the prima ballerina are the exact shade of her own satiny nails. 

Janes give you that clean fresh and clean look great for a summer day. 

"This is a modern, sexy take on a sultry lush plum. For a manicure that's well-groomed, yet not overpowering. " 

Yes not over powering but it says SEXY on your hands. =))

With all 17 shades of RBL on hand, 
Who says I'm a Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan???

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch 2

Long over due yes but not expired! I posted an entry last time about RBL so here's the continuation.  lol

Here's my 2nd swatches for RBL and I'll just let the shade speak for themselves. 

As Usual RBL never fails to impress me. =))

They're Marvelous!!!!

This is a shade that changes from moment to moment. It's the stunning, sparkling pink of a fanning cloud when the red and orange rays of the sun are trying to burst through.

Shade not flat but Stunning! 

Pizzicato — inspired by the gentle tiny taps of rain droplets as they hit the tin roof, reminiscent of plucked strings. A misty white with the faintest hint of lavender, Pizzicato has a shimmer that acts like prisms of light in a sun shower. 

Sparkling star in my eyes! 

Later, the ominous dark clouds bled into the sky with a fast-moving wind. Piú Mosso is an inky, blue-black that shoots through a flash of orange, the last glow of sunlight. 

Best of all blues I've ever had. 

More to come so stay tuned! =))

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