Monday, August 23, 2010

like a Fossil bag!

Been eyeing for nice bag lately I don't have any particular bag in mind. Should I  get my regular choice of big huge bag that could carry all my stuff meaning the whole house or to just get a small bag that could only carry my vanity table. ha ha ha!

Yes, huge bag means really big  because I carry a lot inside my bag everyday. If I'm going to weigh it in it will be not more or less than 8kg. Sometimes friends find it funny as when they ask me if I have wet tissue or toothpicks in my bag I'd gladly go through my bag and hand it to them.

you know now how big is big and so maybe you could imagine how small is my small bag is defined.

Honestly, I couldn't  afford those Gucci, Chanel and Fendi bags they are also so precious to be ruined by my basic essentials.   Nope they are for my altar not for shoulders and I don't own a black Citibank card. =P

What am I eyeing for is this! Fossil's Vintage Re-issue bags.

Vintage Re-issue Weekender  for my regular bag

This reminds me of a low key hermes or as per described by my friend it looks like its Mulberry baywater minus the flap. 

Then  for a small bag there's Fossil Vintage Re- issue messenger bag or a cross body bag.

I'm thinking of toning down on the weight of my bag as I'm suffering from slight scoliosis and carrying a heavy bag is already a no no. 

Fossil Vintage Re-issue Messenger

Fossil Vintage  Re- issue lock satchel 

Hmmmm..... which one to choose?  I'm confuse!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Almost threw my 2 Havaianas away! Yaiks!

Yup, I'm back in HK to pack our things before moving down to Philippines for good. And together with that packing is to totally declutter the whole flat with all the unnecessary items to bring down to our new home.

Hubby had already done "his" hardest job ever because I asked him to get rid of his CD's, DVD'd and collection of books before I arrive. Hardest job ever for him because he doesn't like the idea of throwing his collections away. But he managed to do them anyway. Well done  Hon, you did a very good job!

Okay let's go back to the topic, then it was my turn to declutter. I've gone through the 2 bedroom, threw away old clothes and packed some things, arrage the room again. Also did some cleaning and clearing up at the living and bathroom but still I couldn't manage to tackle them all at the same time. So there were still some things to pack and to throw away  but those could wait. 

Firstly, I needed to get rid of the small furnitures first like 5drawer tall boy cabby(Done), 2 side tables, 2 4drawer cabby, rattan chair (done) and the sofa (soon to be taken away by my friend). whew!  

Then I came to the storage room.oh men this place really needs more than just simple clearing up. And so I started   throwing stuff toys, empty boxes, corked wines, tv cables and other stuffs. until I get to this box. with this package

I honestly didn't have any idea what was  inside but I was ready to chuck the thing out. Then I became curious on what's inside it. It was like my conscience was bugging me to  open me up the dusty package from Australia. Mind you this unopened package was dated last year and addressed  to me but I couldn't remember what it was.  

 So I opened the package and I found these!
Two pairs of havaianas Havie Logo and: Havaianas Luke Stedman bones  from my friend Weng Nash  in Australia!!! She sent me these beauties  when I was still addicted to Havaianas from all over the place. Note: I'm still a havaianas addict  up to this moment)

 Geez! I was so happy that I listened to my conscience and I didn't throw the package in the bin or else I'd be letting go of  2pairs of Limited Edition havainas!  Whew!

Moral of the story? There's gold on a pile of garbage. Check it out what you are throwing first before totally getting rid of them.

Monday, August 16, 2010


After arriving to HK yeaterday the first thing I have in mind is to clear up our flat in St. Joan Court and have my nails done. Sadly, I was only able to de-clutter the space and never came up to do my nails. :(

Anyway, before going to bed last night  I promised myself that in the morning  I'll be doing my nails and no one is going to stop me. Morning comes  and sure enough luck is playing a game on me as hubby heard something about the danger of nail polish over the radio while he's taking his morning shower.

Immediately I got up from bed and took in the paper that's lying infront of our doorstep. And this is what I saw.

Wtitten by Amy Nip

Ladies, with colourful nails, beware.

The consumer Council has found a cancer-causing substance and other harmful chemical in nail polish. The watchdog tested 42 brands costing from Hk$ 5.00 to Hk$180.00 for their levels of heavy metals, solvents and chemicals

Carcinogenic benzene, which is banned in cosmetic products according to mainland safety standards, was detected in four models: BNC manicure's vitamin super nail hardener, Violili 846, Skin food's jojoba pure nail PK004 ans Skin Food's milk creamy nail base coat.
BNC manicure also contained 41,000 parts per million  of methanol-a level 20 times that of the mainland standards.
"Methanol can be absorbed by skin. An excessive amount of it could cause poisoning and pose harmful effects to the liver and kidney," The head of the council's publicity and community relations committee Ambrose Ho said.
Nausea, tiredness and headache are some symptoms of poisoning according to the council.

Apart from benzene, two chemicals commonly referred to as DEHP and MMA were detected in Volili's polish sample. DEHP, a plastic softener, shoud not exist in cosmetic products according to mainland and EU standards. MMA could cause allergies and Health Canada advises against its use in cosmetic products.

Toluene is another solvent that demands attention. It was found in a flower polish with a concentration of 27 per cent, slightly higher thatn the 25 per cent limit specified in the Cosmetict Directive in the European Union. Its toxicity could affect the central nervouse system and irritate the respiratory tract.

The President of the Hong kong Medical Associataion, Dr. Choi Kin, said benzene could affect bone marrow, and prolonged exposure could cause leukemia. He said a lab test had showed that DEHP caused liver cancer in mice. and the substance can irritate human eyes and noses.

Choi said  it was not easy for nails to absorb the substances, but it would be dangerous if women applied the polish then touched their face or mouth.

The council advised women not to use polish every day and said they should buy the products at shops with good reputation.

Frequent use of nail removal solutions may also harm the nails, the council's chief executive, Connie Lau Yin- hing said. Instead of removing the polish on a chipped nail, users can apply additional colouring on the affected areas, she recommended.

The four nail polish models with benzene were passed to customs. According to test results of the government laboratory, BNC manicure failed the safety standards. The Customs Department, which is responsible for consumer law ans uses mainland standards for cosmetic product, has seized 100 samples.

A person incharge at Dr. Hair & Beauty, which sold BNC manicure polish said the product was no longer on its racks.

Skin Food said the amount of benzene in its polishes complied with the EU's limit of 1,000ppm. However, customers with receipts could get refunds. The chain also stop selling the two polishes.

After reading this article now I'm more curious if companies should include ingredient list on their very small bottles of nail polish and if that happens will I bother reading them? hmmmm....

Nail polish containing benzene

《顏色指甲油》 "Color Nail Polish"

牌子: BNC manicure Brand: BNC manicure


售價:$5 來源地:韓國苯含量: 260ppm Price: $ 5 Source: Korea benzene content: 260ppm

牌子: Volili Brand: Volili

型號: 846 Model: 846

售價:$8 來源地:不明苯含量: 30ppm Price: $ 8 source: Unknown benzene content: 30ppm


型號: Jojoba Pure Nail PK004 Model: Jojoba Pure Nail PK004

售價:$45 來源地:南韓苯含量: 9.7ppm Price: $ 45 Origin: South Korea benzene: 9.7ppm


型號: LE VERNIS Nail Colour 507 Tendresse Model: LE VERNIS Nail Colour 507 Tendresse

售價:$180 來源地:法國苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 180 Origin: France benzene content: micro-level is less than 5ppm


型號: Nail Lacquer N41 romantic berry Type: Nail Lacquer N41 romantic berry

售價:$110 來源地:日本苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 110 Source: Japan benzene: trace level is less than 5ppm

牌子: BOURJOIS Paris Brand: BOURJOIS Paris

型號: false nail effect 52 Rose precieux Model: false nail effect 52 Rose precieux

售價:$68 來源地:法國苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 68 Origin: France benzene: trace level is less than 5ppm



售價:$60 來源地:日本苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 60 Source: Japan benzene: trace level is less than 5ppm


型號: Nail Polish N5 Type: Nail Polish N5

售價:$19 來源地:法國苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 19 Origin: France benzene: trace level is less than 5ppm

牌子: Pinkey Brand: Pinkey

型號: Nail Colors code:353 Type: Nail Colors code: 353

售價:$9.5 來源地:不明苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 9.5 source: unknown benzene content: micro-level is less than 5ppm

牌子: Touch Color Brand: Touch Color

型號: Nail Enamel Type: Nail Enamel

售價:$8 來源地:不明苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 8 source: Unknown benzene content: micro-level is less than 5ppm

牌子: Flower Brand: Flower

型號: Nail Polish Type: Nail Polish

售價:$6 來源地:不明苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 6 source: unknown benzene content: micro-level is less than 5ppm

《底油或多用途指甲油》 "Multi-purpose base oil or nail polish"


型號: Milk Creamy Nail Base Coat Type: Milk Creamy Nail Base Coat

售價:$50 來源地:韓國苯含量: 11ppm Price: $ 50 Source: Korea benzene content: 11ppm

牌子: SHISEIDO(資生堂) Brand: SHISEIDO (Shiseido)

型號: MAQUillAGE Top and Base Coat Model: MAQUillAGE Top and Base Coat

售價:$90 來源地:日本苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 90 Source: Japan benzene: trace level is less than 5ppm

牌子: REVLON(露華濃) Brand: REVLON (Revlon)

型號: Quick Dry Base Coat 955 9689-93 Model: Quick Dry Base Coat 955 9689-93

售價:$50 來源地:美國苯含量:少於5ppm屬微量水平 Price: $ 50 Source: USA benzene: trace level is less than 5ppm

資料來源:消委會《選擇》 Source: CC "Choice"

Monday, August 9, 2010

want to blog about a lot of things

Last 2 weeks was like a whirl wind. I joined a bazaar at Port 88. Which is soooo much fun because it was my first time to join in a local bazaar

Monday, my whole family and I went to Casa San Pablo for a 4days family get away  

Saturday, I met up with friends and enjoyed each others company.

Everything was normal until yesterday (Sunday) I got sick!!!

Hay! Is it just because of the weather? It's just me stressed out??? Mind you this is not all I wanted to share I still have nail polish blogs, nice pictures and new place to go for postings but but but.....grrrrr!!!!

 But sadly my head is still spinning as of the right now. So I think it'll have to wait 'til I get better. Haiisss!!!!

Grrrr! FEVER GO AWAY!!!!

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