Monday, April 11, 2011

Lazy but busy...

I'm too lazy to get out of bed, too lazy to even have my breakfast. Then I remembered I've got some things to do. Still I'm lazy to move my butt while doing some  photo editing, I ended up remain seated and did my nails  too Ha ha ha! 

Nice shade of white with gold effect but I'm not happy with the bubbles forming after 2 coats.

hmmmm.... I'm not happy with pearl drop.  I changed into this one. Sandy nude beige color from Borghese. Infairness this nail polish is is easy to apply.

Yup, I think I'll stick to this one instead. =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's Eat it Out!!!

I love it when you just receive a text saying "Red Alert: We need to meet up!" out of nowhere. No planning, no excuses no nonsense thinking that you have to do some errands or work for the day.   Not that I like disasters but I like the thought of just being with your friends and hang out 'til who knows what time. lol

For me, once my friend/s says these words, immediately I drop everything for them as possible as I can.   The only reason I'm thinking that I couldn't get to her/them is because either I'm out of the country or I'm tied up in a chair! 

Anyway, I got this message from my BBM saying " We need to go to see G!" and the coordination began.  Good thing I was already within Manila area as early as 9am to pick up hubby at the airport at 11:15am.  And as soon as hubby sat inside the car beside me I told him about the message I got. And being a good hubby and my best friend, he gave me the green signal to go. 

And so the journey began. Hubby came with me for lunch at GB5 while we  waited for  one of my friends to finish her meeting, picked me up and drove up to Trinoma to pick 2 more of our girlfriends Then the 4 of us headed North.

When the 4 of us arrived we immediately did all what we have do. Seeing the owners of the house( GF's parents) bewildered! bwahahahaha!

This is how we roll (ika nga ni T)

It was all covered

After that long talk we decided that what we had was not enough and so we  went to go to Clark, Angeles Pampanga to finish the day of chit chat at

C's is  one of the best Italian restaurant I've been to

Served with  French and whole wheat bread with pesto parmesan cheese dip

Garden salad with balsamic vinegarette

Seafood risotto  is to die for. Super super yum yum!

Roasted Steak that melts in your mouth!

And finally Yes!!! We made her smile. This is what friends are for.  Be with your friend not just in times of   joy but also in times of trouble. Seeing our friend smile and made a right decision was a good sign that we did a good job.  

Hurray Girlfriend!!!! 

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