Wednesday, September 28, 2011

got my eye on Les Jean de Chanel Les Vernis Collection

Yes! I got my eyes on  Les Jean De Chanel. Why? because blue is one of my favorite color. i love the cleanliness and its character. 

Solid , Clean and Attractive

When I heard about this collection I told my self there's no way I would ever get my hands onto them because according  blogs and announcements that I've been reading, they are very limited and they're selling so fast that I even created chaotic pile in NYC.  

Some sellers on Ebay sells these collection for a whooping $130.00 !!!

Then an offer from Cam came to me a day before he flies back to Manila. BBM message says: "Anything you want me to get for you while I have an hour spare to shop? . My heart pounded so fast that my hands and fingers were trembling while typing out  the names of the Les Jeans Collection. Yeah adrenaline rush!!!!

 After sending the message I didn't hear anything from him. All I know is that I know he'll try. Then I got a message saying "Where will I find that ?" Ha! Now  I can't take off the grin on my face when I learned that he's really eager to get  my nail polishes! He's my Hubby, BFF and shopping partner roll into one. Lucky me! And so  I told him where to go within Central and then _____________.

I really wanted to ask him after that if he's going to or has he gotten my polishes but I've decided to just keep quiet and wait for him to tell me. Keep chanting to myself  "Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue" until the time came. 

Yes my dearie was able to find the Chanel shop and got me my polishes! Weeeee!

So here I am excited to present to you my Les Jean de Chanel Les Vernis Collection.

Coco Blue this shade is almost like Riva plus the pearl shimmer.  It's cream texture thats why color is really nice  and smooth when applied. Less streaks which I love because it lessens my time to reapply.

Blue Boy is also in cream texture. I only had to apply a little of this  and the color really showed up really nicely . 2 coats and I'm done. =)

The good thing about this lacquers is that they don't stink and they glide smoothly on your tips. With  Blue Rebel  2coats and you won't go back for thirds.

Yes Les Jeans is love!!!! 

Don't you agree with me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleek i-Divine Palette Bad Girl

Errand Day :  Off  to pay my bills and to go  for food shopping for the family. Hmmmm.... I think somebody up there woke in the wrong side of the bed and just decided that today should be a wet and gray day. And I'm the mood to be a bad girl when I talk to globe once more.

This inspired me to do: My EOTD and FOTD is as bad as Typhoon Pedring. Lol
Here is Sleek Bad Girl i Divine Palette 

For this rainy day I used #3 blade and #5 underground with a light touch of  #2gullible as a high light. Sadly it didn't really show up on me though. hmp! 

Ayayay!!! I forgot to put mascara on but it's already fierce!

With or without the mascara I think the bad girl look definitely present

For my Bad Girl  FOTD
Gosh Primer
Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk 5.5
Lorac brow set in brown
Bourjois Lip Creme in Fuchsia Delicat

See how bad this weather made me? ha ha ha!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

EOTD & FOTD Sleek i-Divine Storm & True Color Barely There Lipstick

Few weeks ago I posted a collection of Sleek make up that I dreamed about. Yes! they all came true and I'm so excited to show them to you little by little. 

My eyes were kinda small that's why I can't sport heavy  eye make up but when I hit the right note on eye shadows  it cold turn out to be in a nice sexy treat.

 I used #3 Champane, #7 Bronze shimmer , #12 Charcoal gold  

I'm in the mood to do my peepers using Sleek i-divine palette in STORM
This palette is a compose of shimmers & mattes.  Neutrals to dark shaded eye shadows, which for me is a perfect eye platte. 
This is also perfect for traveling as the size is not thick or big at all. 



Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sleek i-divine Storm #3 Champane, #7 Bronze shimmer , #12 Charcoal gold  
Lorac Brow Set in Brown
Mac Black Track Fluid Line
Fiber Wig Mascara

And to tame my smokey eyes I used  True Color Barely There in sheen texture. This lippie really made my eye pop out as it doesn't take off the attention to it.

Swatch: TRue Color Barely There

For over all effect!  

for this FOTD 

I used 

Gosh Primer 
Chanel Matte Lumiere Liquid Foundation
BE Bisque
Mac Her Own Desire beauty powder
MAC Prim + prime minerals 

How about you have you tried Sleek i-divine Storm ? Share your post! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sleek Make Up Part 4 ( i-Divine Palette)

Of course my make up won't be complete without brushing up some sparklers in my eyes. Be it a simple natural application for a casual day or create a sexy smokey eyes for night parties. 

Eyeshadows can't be taken out of the whole idea of GLAM.

So here's my take of the  Sleek Make up i-Divine palettes 

The ORIGINAL  i-Divine palette contains a variety of highly-pigmented colours, ranging from green to purple, allowing you to create endless looks fit for day or night.

The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each of the 12 shades can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look. 


I find this palette interesting as it has a different variety of colors. It can create look from day to  night . Yes they stand out but it won't stop me from creating a very unique combination because of the blue,  the pink and  peach shades that you can see on the palette. I love the dark and olive greens, the bronze and that rust colors though. I can imagine myself  looking fierce on those  shades. ha!  

The STORMi-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks.

The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look. 


Storm this one is the best seller, I can't wait to try this palette as I am  at sucker for simple and natural look. All the colors on this palette makes me feel like doing an FOTD soon. hmmmm....

I Divine BAD GIRL is a highly pigmented, soft touch eye shadow palette that possesses 12 pearlescent or matte shades. The pearlescent shades possess a large amount of mica and reflect the light giving a shimmering effect to the eye. The colour viewed in the palette is the colour that will be applied to the eye, as the payoff is excellent and the formulation is long lasting.

 Bad girl contains strong and deep shades which allow one to uncover their hidden fantasies. This palette can be extreme, powerful, confident as well as sensual.


Oh this one is definitely fierce! I will have to use this for my evening events as they are all in dark shade. Or maybe I could also use it during day time but with a subtle application ei? 

This palette will sure really make my eyes smaller I know but  I can't wait to do a smokey eye out of this baby. Look at those grays and purples and blues and blacks. Aren't they interesting to play with?

I love you  Sleek! You have a very good range of colors for me to play around with, And without me going bankrupt! ha!  

Hey this is also perfect for people who are on the budget and on the look out for an e/s palette that they could bring around, yeah?

Now I swear my peepers are happy as well as my pocket! Don't you agree? Lol!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreamed of Sleek Make Up Part 3 ( Lip Tint Conditoner)

Today I give you,  Sleek Make up tinted lip conditioning balm. 

As per the Sleek - It is a tinted lip conditioning balm formulated with natural oils such as Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract and Vitamin A, C and E to help condition the lips and lock in moisture.

It also includes SPF15 to help protect the lips from sun exposure.

Using a lip brush or fingers, apply a small amount to the upper and lower lips for a sheer wash of colour and gloss. 10g

The pots are almost the same pot as  Bobbi brown's  pout  rouge lip & cheek though  this one has a  sexy curve. 

They're very easy to apply and really moisturizing. 

Look at that yummy color. These tinted lip conditioners are best for us with dry  or chapped lips. 

What I love here the most aside from its colors is,  it is  pact with all the moisturizing ingredients I know. 

With the Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond and Avocado oil in it, I think this product will be my BFF for a  long long time. =)

Don't you agree?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dreamed about Sleek Make Up Part 2 (blushes)

I know that you loved my post  "Dreamed of Sleek Make up Part 1" and so now I'll share with you my Part 2 This time it's about Sleek Make Up blushes. 

Note: Please don't be deceived by how bright or dark they look because I guarantee that these is just a front. Ha! 

I find the rectangular shape of Sleeks case very convenient. It's not bulky and could actually fit in to my small purse.   Case is in a  sturdy matte black which is good for me because it doesn't shows scratches in time. 

Pomegranate captured my eyes first. it's in that deep old rose color.

This shade is good for  every night outs on my  black dress and having fun with the girls or on a dinner date. It's also a good blush during those gloomy rainy days or winter days  to give me that happy feeling while out in the rain /snow.

Pixie Pink is a girly shade that will suit  casual days. It'll be a fun everyday shade. hmmm.... this shade actually reminds me of  MAC dolly pink which I also love. 

Oh! Sunrise your  such a beautiful sight!  This shade will rock my summer days! I fell inlove with those not so prominent shimmers. I think it will be best to for me  wear this on a good night out and during summer time while I'm on the beach having a sun bath and sipping my mojito!   

  Yes Coral!  You're matte and a deep brick red  color but you can't stop me from wearing you baby. You  have that rusty color that will made me feel intimidated but once I swipe you on my cheeks I'm sure you'll tame up. ha!

SWATCHES : L-R Pomegranate, Pixie pink, Sunrise and Coral

See? I only use my fingers  to put them on my skin to see how nice they are.  Just a little swipe, tap and dab. Viola! Prettiness appears! 

These shades are so pigmented and build able  that I only need a light swipe using  MAC 129 blush brush.

So do you think you can handle these shades as well as I do? 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Barry M Part 2!

remember the post I made last month about That  I dreamed about barry M Nail paints?  Well, It didn't stop there. As it happened once again. Lol! 

here's another post of very vibrant and colorful nail paints that Barry M has!


Yes! I love Barry M Nail paints. They're pretty, smooth and quick drying! Sometimes I wish they are candies like M&M's! Lol!

Cyan blue 

Blue Moon is a pale blue that make me feel like in cloud 9.

Blocked Orange is yummy

Strawberry i/c looks like an icing on the cake

Peach Melba is a pastel color that doesn't look icky on your tips.

Coral this one is adorable

Pink Flamingo  is for a pretty lady 

Pure Turquoise love it to bits

Lemon L/C a yellow that will totally rock your world

Bright Purple nothing beats the yam! ha!

Blue Berry is yummy

fuchsia is sophisticated

Blue Glitter is glam

Grey is elegant!

As I looked and admire all these colors, the more I can't describe how pretty they are  so I'll just let you be the judge.

Just look at them and you'll know what I mean!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Also Love Chanel Nail Lacquers

Classic and trend-defining shades from the runways of Paris. State-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high-shine, chip-resistant colour. Applies evenly without streaking.

These words are the promise of Chanel. True  that they don't  easily  chip but with the streaking claim? hmmmm..... I doubt it and I don't mind. he he he! 

So here are some of my Chanel polishes that I was aacquired lately .

Riva is the last springs  color. Light, clean and dainty. Almost like a dreamy color of Tiffany blue.  I have to ask my friend Pao to get me this bottle as  this baby didn't hit Manila at all. So thanks Pao!!!!  

Coromandel is my kind of red. Sexy!!!
 Saw the shade from a MUA of Chanel in HK who's wearing coromandel at the time  I was so impressed at it that I left the store picturing her beautiful nails  and a botttle of this.  

Quarts!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but when you say quarts that means the  shade is  on the pink side right. Or I'm just assuming it.? ha ha ha! to be honest, this  kind of quarts doesn't show any sign of pink on me.  It's more of soft metallic brown  is it not? 

But anway I love it still.

Peridot! could I say more? ha ha ha1 This one really shocked my hubby! He said it just jumps out on me.  Sorry hon whether you like it or you like it. I love it! ha !

Pearl Drop. now this shade is  a super bride to be color. I know I'm already married and I don't intend to have another wedding but Pearl Drop really caught my attention. 
It has that yellow shimmer that makes me look at it twice. Pretty isn't it? 

My Pretty Chanel bottles!!!!

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