Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring colors!

Here I have 5 nail lacquer that really made me think what to use first as they are all so spring colors and this season pastel is IN. For a little bit of help, I asked hubby and daughter Dannielle to pick a shade that they think would suit me.
From L to R: American Apparel Manila, American apparel Palm Springs, Konad Pastel Green R55, Konad Pastel Lavander R56, Ming shan BH-27

Swatches R to L Mingshan BH-27, Konad Pastel Lavander R56, Konad Pastel Green R-55, American Apparel Palm springs, American Apparel Manila.

Daughter picked the Manila Color which was also my first choice as it really reminds me of summer and sunflowers. But hubby said Manila was too bright and it jumps out on my me so he chose Palm Springs which I gladly put on.

Not too bad at all eh? This one was actually Flesh colored in person. I'm not a fan of flesh but I think I can pull it off for a couple of days.

I had a little bit of trouble putting it on because of the thick consistency but with the help of my new corrector.

Art Nails Corrector

Everything is okay. A wee bit of quick scrubbing on the sides and my nails were like made by a pro!


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