Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wore Dark Green...

Haven't been doing some eye make up lately as I was soooo lazy blending eye shadows. Then last Saturday I have to bring some lady friends from overseas to  dinner at China Tee Club. 

As the lazy pattern goes, I told myself I cant be bothered putting on too much on my face as I will be wearing gray colored dress. And so to give it a little bit of a kick,  I opted for a subtle cheek and lip color and go gaga over eyeshadow. 

But don't be fooled because I only used one of my all time favorite and  travel companion MAC mineralized Tectonic eyeshadow. 

Ever reliable eyeshadow  Ether(left )  and Tectonic (right)

These mineralized eyeshadows are very easy to apply because they are so pigmented a little swipe on the pan and you'll pick up loads of it. 

To give a little bit of a birds eye view. A little goes like this 

To  This !!! 
See what I mean? (sorry if the pic was too dark)

Yes, these  lovely colors are easy to build up.  Blending was so easy too. That's why I prefer to bring them whenever and where ever I travel . 

And for the over all look
There you go!

Now let's get on with the PARTY!!!!!


  1. I love the shadows.So pretty! :P

  2. waah you made me want mineralized e/s!

  3. I forgot! I also got some very good make up tips from the lady at the center of my group pics above. She's the Managing Director, hair stylist and make up guru ng Mandarin Oriental HK. Super Galeng!!

    Thanks Fatima!

  4. oooh... I wanna try Mac.. It looks good on you. :)


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