Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fell in love with the same LEATHER once again.

Found my way back to my first  leather love. hihhi! It's been years since I had my last  leather from Our Tribe. But now I finally rekindle my long lost love for the beautiful soft leather that is  100% pinoy made. 

I had something like this in Caramel brown when I was in University, and tossed it only about 3years back. Imagine how durable they are. =) 

Anyway to start off, here's what the company is all about

Our Tribe (est.1972) is a Filipino-owned company known for its quality leather bags, sandals and other leather accessories. It uses traditional, time-tested techniques, as well as innovative methods, in the manufacturing of its products. Generations of customers attest to the quality and durability of Our Tribe products. Although firmly established as a niche player in classic designs, Our Tribe is now also making a name for itself as a major player in the design of leather products for the youth and the young-adult market. 

I love that OUR TRIBE is what we can say TRULY PINOY OWNED. The company maybe local but the quality is superb, at par or most of the time way better that other international brand which cost you an arm and a leg , sometimes a head right? I'm proud to say that OUR TRIBE is one of a kind leather company who doesn't compromise its quality. All their products are carefully thought of and  meticulously produced. They are comfy, durable and on the budget.

As I passed by Our Tribe's  shop in Market Market yesterday I got myself  2 beautiful leather goodies I can't resist.  


Belt bag I'd love to bring along when I have photo walks and marketing. 

Not too big yet not too small for my phone to fit right in and some important cards & cash to bring along. This is also great when I go to divisoria. hihihi!

And a comfy sandals which reminds me of the gladiators I had before but these are more casual and relaxing to use. They'll be great on my jeans, short and sundress! Smug fit that's what I like. 

I bet these babies will be my comfy friends for a looooong, loooong time. =)


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  1. Great post! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. :) thanks! I'm your new follower! Kisses from VV!!


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