Monday, February 22, 2010

New Kerastase Oleo Fusion is a Rinse Out Dual Action Nutrition Treatment for very dry and sensitised hair. A Technological innovation; OLEO FUSION combines two of L'oreal most effective technologies to ensures lasting nourishment and protection of the hair fiber: NANO-EMULSION and IONIUM.

Penetrates the hair fibre thanks to the Nano-Emulsion and Ionium technology. An immediate and lasting result.
An ultimate treatment to offer dual action for the entire fibre: cortex, cuticle and surface.
• Intensive and instant nourishment right from the cortex to the surface of the fibre.
• Lasting softness and shine along the length of the hair.
• Amazing lightness.
• Long-lasting protection against the drying effects of harsh external elements.

Towel-dry the hair thoroughly.Apply the Oleo Fusion section by section, and massage into the whole length of the hair. While the Oleo-Fusion is acting, comb each section and pay particular attention to most dry and sensitized areas. Let it stay for a 3-5 minutes then rinse your hair.Lasts up to 5 shampoos.

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