Sunday, February 21, 2010

Got the Whitening Effect I want.

I know most of you girls who are taking glutathione has been asking around if I'm telling the truth about Ph 338 and Fancl White Advance EX and that if they were trully effective.

Well, to answer all of your questions, here is a photo of me from 2006 to 2009

Before (2006)

After (2009)

Sorry If I wasn't able to combine both pics. But I surely know that you noticed the difference.

Anyway, Fancl White Advance Ex is a drink for people who wanted to achieve glowy white skin. It has 10 x 50ml bottles inside one box. which looks like this

Looks neat isn't it?

As a PH338 user, I'm already quite happy with my skin until I came across a SA (Sale Attendant) who gave me a sample bottle of the above product. The taste was like concentrated orange but tolerable for my taste. I asked for the price and she said Price per box is a little bit steep at Hk$ 295.00 or Php 1,770.00 but it's worth it the SA said.

It took me months before I bought a box but she was right. It's all worth it. I'm not a white as a paper but there's this glow effect that I really love.

Will I be buying more of FANCL WHITE ADVANCE EX? Sure I will be coming back for more.

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