Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Solstice is over Rainy Season is here!

As for my last blog. I just want to clear to everyone that my last post was just an expression of emotion. I don't hold grudges to the organizer of the said bazaar but let's just say I'm more aware now that these things do happen to us bazaaristas and organizers alike. 

I got an email from organizers few days ago and they've already said their piece on the issues that they had. And for me that's enough. They said they're willing to refund 15% to all concessionaires, I did respond to them in return and bargained. For now, I'm waiting for their response. 

Anyway, whether they answer or not to my email its totally fine. Damage has been done and lets just say both parties learn the lesson. 

For this I can say "Let's all charge it to experience."

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