Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sights Part 2

On our way to LA we took the Scenic Route Hi-way 01

Sorry I dont know this lady but she's a good contrast to my view

Satyed at Ragged Point Inn for a night. We passed by this place last time and we though next time we come back we'll stay over night. And we did only  sad that the sea fog already crept in when we arrive so I wasn't able to get good photo on that part. 

This was taken the next day. 

Oh well!

 Never mind and so we headed down to Hearst Castle not too far from it  and boy the view up there was superb!

It was about 87 degree when we arrive up in the castle. We'd love to swim but we're not allowed. 

and finally we hit LA!!!!

We had fun taking pictures around here and around Rodeo Drive too.

Next stop!!!!

Ronald Reagan Memorial Library. 
This is a must visit when you get to LA.

Awesome!!!! Thank you to my bff Norlie for bringing us here!

Next adventure is

  Cherry Picking!!!!

Yup They're bright red but definitely sweet!

Some of the purple one I really have to get them by using my childhood talent "tree climbing" hubby was really really shocked! ha ha ha!

We managed to fill up half of the bucket and we're also full from the free eating  so we finished the trip by paying almost S30.00 worth of cherries! 

That's all folks!!!!  

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