Monday, June 25, 2012

My South Salon Experience

Finally I got bored with my dark hair ! I really thought I could carry dark hair for a long time but I was wrong. The other night, I came to my senses "It's time to make a change". (ala Micheal Jackson lang ang banat ng loka. =))

Then yesterday immediately when I woke up, I told my hubby that I'll be going to the salon. (determinado talaga).

My target: South Salon in Alabang. I heard that they are well known for their hair coloring expertise . Thanks to Melai and Patty who gave me good feedbacks about this beauty shop.

I risked coming on a  Monday because I thought it would be quieter. Alas I was wrong the place was jamp acked with clients!  Good thing they have a slot for walk in client like me. =)

Also thank goodness for Henry Sumbillo who also happens to be one a co-parent in my daughter's school, immediately took charge and instructed his 2 assistants Pearly & Deah to work on me. Honestly these girls are good on what they do.

After almost 10hours of  treating, coloring, moisturizing, rinsing and trimming.


My strong feature became softer! I love my honey comb blonde! Thank you Henry for introducing me to colors! =)

For those of you who are bored with your regular hair color and wanted to treat your  crowning glory a good  shade click here .


  1. I like bakla! Baklang bakla lang talaga... you already!!

    1. O eh di ba? One of the reasons why di mo ako nakikitang pakalat kalat for the last 6months. hahaha!


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