Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food Encounters

Every time I go on a trip Food Encounters are too hard to resists.  so let me share with you what I had last week. 

Destination Hong kong

Braised rack of lamb 

apple juice and some red wine

D wasn't able to eat on the plane so she asked me if we could have something at her fave noodle shop Crystal Jade. Some Si Long Bao (pork dumplings) and chicken noodles soup.

Cold Soya Milk and oolong tea 

I also had some wonton noodles.  Luch is DONE

But dinner came so quick! We had japanese food at HIT is Harbour City 


The following day is no excuse not to eat so we only had Char Sui Fan ( pork asado lang po) and Nai chaa ( Milk Tea) sa isang karinderia. 

Saka lumafang ng madaming fruits. Dinner time was private to no pictures. pa-demure muna ako. =))

Then Sunday is a huge Dim Sum  lunch with our HK friends. 
Walang puknat ang kainan. We lasted til 3pm.=))

Other days I can't post as you already know that food is almost like a hobby with us family. =))

 So Dukan diet was wasted in just a week! Waaaah! 

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