Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swatches: MUA Lip Boom

 I know I blogged about Lip Boom Lipsticks  ages ago and I promised that I'll be posting swatches if my memory serves me right. ha ha ha!  

anyways, here they are 

All of these lippies are on satin matte finish that I truly love.

They're mostly satin matte finish  that easily glides on lips without a drag.

All great for everyday use and as I told you on my earlier blog the finish is like  Chanel RA Velvet finish. 

Oh yes they're worth every penny.    



  1. I wish we have MUA from where I'm from. I love your swatches as the satin finish really look nice and crease-free. Im pretty impressed too by how the gloss matches the lippies

  2. Kumiko, Thanks for dropping by. They are really impressive and cheap too. You can order them online if you want to. =))

  3. hi sis i really want to order mua lip booms but the multiply site still have errors. i can't correctly order the color i want. are there other ways on how to order those lippies?


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