Thursday, September 16, 2010

loving LAKA Nail Polish from Israel!

Last week when 2 of my good friends "Pao and Keng"  came to Hong Kong, they felt like kids left alone.

Both went to

Ocean Park


and Macau 

While  I was  stuck Macdonnell Road 
doing some packing for our relocation to Philippines. he he he!

Nothing to worry though because every other day we see one another for a shopping spree, lunch and dine.

Yung Kee in Central 

Arirang Times Square

Dim Sum at Metropol Admiralty

Cafe Deco at the Peak

Roaming with these 2 girls  around HK  without an itinerary was so dangerous. Last Thursday we went to LCX in Ocean terminal to see if I could find Fossil shop to get the bag that I was eyeing for. But we found out that the shop was closed down and the only one open was the shop in SHATIN in the new territories.  Geez! No way, I'm going there! ha ha ha!

Anyway, instead of sulking to my disappointment, the girls found other things to make ourselves busy. Bought Ice watch for Venny and bought

Tony Moly egg pore minimizer which we find the container so amusing.

And then we came across 

Laka is a nail polish brand from Israel. That's the only thing we learned about this product. 

Yes, the panaflex said it right I've never seen as many pinks


  Look at the wide range of n/p's they have!

Seeing these colorful nail polishes made me and Paos' heart go "Thug! dug!" ha ha ha! 

All we can say is Wow! Wow! Wow!

We started pointing and grasped "I want this and that" but our budget only says YES to a few.

I haven't swatched these babies at first because I was busy applying MAC Nail Trend on my nails. 

Then  Pao told me to try out my LAKA hauls ASAP for they were so easy to apply.

And so I did

LAKA  81 is a deep blue green color 

dupe to OPIs' Ski Til We Drop

LAKA 84 is described as green tea by the SA

Sorry can't find a dupe for this one. The nearest I could find is  Etude House GR 605

LAKA 95 is  dupe to

ORLY Mirror Mirror

LAKA 95 

is dupe to MUSE Illamasqua

LAKA 86 gray

Yes! Pao was right on the spot! 
These nail polishes  were easy to apply. You only need one or two coats to achieve the same color as the ones in the bottle. Thumbs up! 

I think I'll be getting more of these babies when I get back to HK in October.  


  1. LAKA! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    But... YUNG KEE!!!!!!! OMG I miss Yung Kee so much :(

  2. Nakapikit mata ko while looking at the swatches. Tinatawag ako nung LAKA 84!!!!!! LOL!!! Those are really pretty. Yum!!!!

  3. Pammy, these babies are so easy to apply nakakaloka the colors!

    Tara balik tayo dun sa Yung Kee! Super Sarap! Slurp! =)

    Mindz, super nice. Described as green tea by the SA. he he he!


  5. Nikki Go to LCX in Ocean terminal they also offer express mani. =)

    Happy jaw dropping sis! ha ha ha!

  6. How much per bottle is their nail polish? I'm going to HK soon and I want to hoard on nail polish. Hehe thanks!

  7. this is a video i made a bout Laka. it presents local solution for the global time problem…


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