Tuesday, September 14, 2010

am in love with MAC NAIL TREND F/W 2010!

Got these babies last Sept. 9 and  I was too busy for last weeks' packing and moving  that I was only able to swatch these super luscious colors only Yesterday.

Mistress of the art of the sophisticated nail, Jil Soon was inspired this season by the sensual pleasure of Imperial China. A collection of hues and ravishing combinations, opaque and rich with pearl essences for a subtle dimension.

So far I would say this are truly rich hues for fall. They are vibrant that sometimes you'll think you wont be able to pull the colors off but NO they are wearable on any occasion depending on your mood. The pearl essences is like a shy cat that it only shows depending on the lighting.

Here are the swatches I made in a hurry. Bear with me I'm not too good in doing this as usual!

 I fell in love with Earthly Meadow for it being in a nude tone

MING BLUE- reminds me of my true blue jeans! love it to bits!

Loving the orange color that really jumps out of me 
and scares the hell out of my hubby! ha ha ha!

deep red just by looking at it I'm imagining myself sporting this on halloween!

reminds me of the color of a green healthy moss attached to a moist rock

 super love rain flower as it looks so clean on my nails and the color pops out like freshly picked aubergine with specks on it. This color is my all time fave!

How about you? Were you also in love with MAC Nail Trend?


  1. woooohooo! i love them all! can't wait for my set!

  2. OMG SMILE I have all of them EXCEPT for Earthly Harmony and now after seeing you wear it I NEED TO HAVE IT TOO, LOL!

    Don't you just LOVE Ming Blue, I was wearing this yesterday and... aaah, I can't stop looking at my nails.

    This is probably my favorite collection ever.

  3. Nikki, Earthly meadow spells "E-L-E-G-A-N-T". =P

    Another thumbs up for Ming Blue a stunner indeed! =)


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