Monday, August 23, 2010

like a Fossil bag!

Been eyeing for nice bag lately I don't have any particular bag in mind. Should I  get my regular choice of big huge bag that could carry all my stuff meaning the whole house or to just get a small bag that could only carry my vanity table. ha ha ha!

Yes, huge bag means really big  because I carry a lot inside my bag everyday. If I'm going to weigh it in it will be not more or less than 8kg. Sometimes friends find it funny as when they ask me if I have wet tissue or toothpicks in my bag I'd gladly go through my bag and hand it to them.

you know now how big is big and so maybe you could imagine how small is my small bag is defined.

Honestly, I couldn't  afford those Gucci, Chanel and Fendi bags they are also so precious to be ruined by my basic essentials.   Nope they are for my altar not for shoulders and I don't own a black Citibank card. =P

What am I eyeing for is this! Fossil's Vintage Re-issue bags.

Vintage Re-issue Weekender  for my regular bag

This reminds me of a low key hermes or as per described by my friend it looks like its Mulberry baywater minus the flap. 

Then  for a small bag there's Fossil Vintage Re- issue messenger bag or a cross body bag.

I'm thinking of toning down on the weight of my bag as I'm suffering from slight scoliosis and carrying a heavy bag is already a no no. 

Fossil Vintage Re-issue Messenger

Fossil Vintage  Re- issue lock satchel 

Hmmmm..... which one to choose?  I'm confuse!

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