Saturday, August 21, 2010

Almost threw my 2 Havaianas away! Yaiks!

Yup, I'm back in HK to pack our things before moving down to Philippines for good. And together with that packing is to totally declutter the whole flat with all the unnecessary items to bring down to our new home.

Hubby had already done "his" hardest job ever because I asked him to get rid of his CD's, DVD'd and collection of books before I arrive. Hardest job ever for him because he doesn't like the idea of throwing his collections away. But he managed to do them anyway. Well done  Hon, you did a very good job!

Okay let's go back to the topic, then it was my turn to declutter. I've gone through the 2 bedroom, threw away old clothes and packed some things, arrage the room again. Also did some cleaning and clearing up at the living and bathroom but still I couldn't manage to tackle them all at the same time. So there were still some things to pack and to throw away  but those could wait. 

Firstly, I needed to get rid of the small furnitures first like 5drawer tall boy cabby(Done), 2 side tables, 2 4drawer cabby, rattan chair (done) and the sofa (soon to be taken away by my friend). whew!  

Then I came to the storage room.oh men this place really needs more than just simple clearing up. And so I started   throwing stuff toys, empty boxes, corked wines, tv cables and other stuffs. until I get to this box. with this package

I honestly didn't have any idea what was  inside but I was ready to chuck the thing out. Then I became curious on what's inside it. It was like my conscience was bugging me to  open me up the dusty package from Australia. Mind you this unopened package was dated last year and addressed  to me but I couldn't remember what it was.  

 So I opened the package and I found these!
Two pairs of havaianas Havie Logo and: Havaianas Luke Stedman bones  from my friend Weng Nash  in Australia!!! She sent me these beauties  when I was still addicted to Havaianas from all over the place. Note: I'm still a havaianas addict  up to this moment)

 Geez! I was so happy that I listened to my conscience and I didn't throw the package in the bin or else I'd be letting go of  2pairs of Limited Edition havainas!  Whew!

Moral of the story? There's gold on a pile of garbage. Check it out what you are throwing first before totally getting rid of them.


  1. Wow! Good thing you trusted your instinct! Those havies look really cute especially the bone one. :P

  2. smile! kaloka ka! buti na lang you checked!! haha :D

  3. Pammy, yes but nalang talaga I trusted my instinct or else I'll be so sorry.

    Pajammy, naku sister muntik na ko mapatumbling nung muntik ko na maitapon talaga sa thrash bin ito. Ewan ba di ko maitapon tapon. Yun pala!!!!


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