Friday, July 1, 2011

Lorac Take A Brow kit Review

 I became a brow user ever since some lady in the parlor accidentally over threaded my brows over 10years ago. From them onwards without a brow liner  I felt like this face is incomplete.  Just like what other ladies say when they don't put on their mascara or their lipstick on. Yup, I can leave the house without lipstick or powder on but not without my "Kilay". ha ha ha!

Anyway, some two weeks ago I lost or let's just say someone liked my MAC brow kit and took it away with her after cleaning our hotel room.  Yeah! Naughty little B took my KILAY with her! And so the whole time in NAPA Valley I was Kilay-less". Shocking isn't it!

So the rest of our stay in NAPA I was on huge sunglasses! ha ha ha! Thanks to a friends advise. =P

But I really couldn't live without it and so before heading home to my cousins' house, hubby dropped me  by Sephora to get my new "Kilay". Love him for being so supportive. =)

I asked the cutes MUA in the counter to help me out choose and she recommended me This Lora Take a brow kit.
The Lorac Take a Brow Kit includes two shades of brow powder, wax enhancer and an applicator brush.
The Lorac Take a Brow Kit features two shades of brow powder hand-picked by makeup artist Carol Shaw. With these colors and the clear brow wax you can create flawless, red carpet brows. Compact includes applicator brush.

  • Powder duo and clear brow wax enhancer

  • Colors and defines without flaking

  • Named after hair color

  • Directions
    Using the mini angle brush, apply the powder shades individually or blend together for the perfect custom brow color. Softly define and blend brow powder shade(s) following the shape of your natural brow. Apply clear brow wax with mini angle brush to set.


    The shades are so pigmetned that you only need to dab a little or else you'll pick up too much powder and you'll end up with a very strong brow upon application.  Sadly I couldn't use the small brush that comes with it because it was too small for my long finger. So I used my small The Face Shop angled brush. 

    About the shades : on the left lighter color is too light for me to use I'm not sure if I'll be using that soon. unless I change my hair color into a lighter tone but it's good to have it there. 

    The ones on the right side is my color as it suit the color of my eyes and my hair color. As I said the product is so pigmented that all you have to do is dab your brush gently on the wax then on the powder.

    I only do my kilay once a day as I'm lazy doing that touch up thing. 

    here  is Kilay-less

    To my Kilay-YES!

    Tha's better isn't it?

    Will I purchase the product again? YES, just wish it available locally.  

    Super pigmented 
    easy to use
    Stays in place and lasts a long time

    Not  locally available 
    Price is  steep for US$ 22.00 = Php 950.00
    Little brush won't do any use


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