Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rave: Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick by Rimmel London

I went back to the beautiful city of Glasgow last May 27th greeted by a beautiful scenery but not in a very beautiful circumstances. (Nope I won't let you read bout my sad story so let's just get on with the blog). 

This is what I saw when I arrived  going back to Maggie's.
Cherry blossoms everywhere!!! 
Beautiful Isn't it?

Amazing colors of spring in the UK really made so touched and inspired. 

I told myself that before I leave this place and won't be coming back soon again maybe I should bring in something and here's what I got. 

Maggie and I share the passion on lipstick and I thought of getting some new  Rimmel by Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick before I head back home. 

And here they are.

What it says:
Amazing alluring shades developed by Kate for RIMMEL Exclusive signature pack. Smooth on pure London class with the Iconic Lasting Finish Kate lipstick. A true chic treat.
Unique, sexy and unconventional, just like Kate. Black Diamond brings incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Creating gorgeous, hypnotizing tones that make you look, then look again. Wow. A whole new world.
With Exclusive Black Diamond Pigment Complex.
  • Reflects light like never before
  • Light-reflective properties of black diamond to reach colours beyond traditional spectrum
  • Get ready to fall in love with your new signature colour…
  • Extraordinary mesmerizing chic, alluring shades
Capturing all the flair, edge and timelessness of Kate’s unique look

 Kate 02, 05 and 12

swatched 02 , 05 & 12

Kate 02  my love at first site. it has  a deep pink shade that really made me think that it could pass as dupe for MAC's rare exotic (mattine)  except that Kate 02 is in sheen. 

Kate 05 is also a wow for me. I use this often when I was out during the day and it gives me that fresh and not overly made up  at daytime.  Some of the reviews I read say that this could pass as  dupe of Star Fuchsia of Dior. I haven't tried Star Fuchsia myself so I can only see it on the online swatches. Yes they have the same shade of pink  but Kate 05 has this tiny bit of shimmer that you'd really would like to have in a girly pink lippie. 

Kate 12 is my kind of orange lipstick. I'm not a fan of orange lippies but this one is really nice for the summer. Gives me that sun kissed tan illusion on my face. 

Packaging is sophisticated
Non drying
Really pigmented 
Lasts a good 5hours without eating or drinking (leaves a stain your lips when wiped)
Glides easily 
Love that sweet cherry vanilla scent  ( i'm not sure if you guys  would mind the smell but I'm fond of it)

Limited Edition 
Not lasting as 8 to 10 hours
Not availalble locally but could be ordered via Superdrug or  online
Not as matte as I expect it to be

Over all RImmel 's Kate Lipsticks are superb!!!

Will I purchase it again???

 I don't have to 







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    1. Yes it is sister. =) Glad that I was able to get some of KATE. ha ha!


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