Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pamper time with Salon @ Home

Most of my friends know very well that I do my own nails and I occasionally go to my fave Nail Salon.  Today I'm a little bit desperate to have my tips done before leaving once again. But no chance go for a quick stop at the nail spa same as doing my own, so I ask for help from Salon @ Home. (first time to call in baby).

Anyway, here's their brochure that lists down all the services they render. not bad for a price di ba? 

I talked to their nice operator and asked if they have a slot for me and  that I'd like to have  a Mani Pedi ASAP as  I have some friends coming over tonight.   She was so accommodating that immediately she told me that she can send someone over at 1pm. not too bad ei? I heard they were busy everyday. Tunog chismosa lang. =))

Mind you I'm very particular with call in services as I don't really want a stranger doing my tips and toes.or not recommended by a very very good friends. And most of all i don't want a total stranger coming into our house. 

A-fraiddy Aguilar!

And then came  the  staff who's in a nice clean  uniform and well presented.  Her name is Stella.  

 She's got all the things she needed in a plastic box. Even a lamp ha. Galeng! (sorry i forgot to take a photo of it) 

She's so good that I actually doze off! hahahaha! Bihira mangyari yan sa kin. 

So here's my super clean tips. of course I use my ever favorite color Chanel Coromandel. 

Next is Dannielle!!! 

So far both Dannielle and i are happy with Salon @ Home's mani & pedi service. And I'd give them a 4 out of 5 stars. 

We'll try their  body scrub next time!  



  1. Can't live without home service mani pedi!

    1. i just learned how convenient and more relaxing it is if i just have my mani and pedi at home. :))

      Now i have a regular schedule withSalon @ home nail tech. Hihihih!


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