Sunday, May 20, 2012

Color Me With Sleek Eau la la Liners

When I heard that Sleek Make UP is coming up with a  liner. I thought hmmm... most probably it'll be the same as the old ones but with a different packaging.  I though it'll be like same old color as black brown blue and purple which I usually see mostly in a make up brand. 

 But I was totally taken aback when I saw that the liners they were talking about on the blog sphere were long lasting and  it could be use for something more that just an eyeliner that's when I thought I should check it out.

And lo and behold I was proven wrong! These is not the regular  liner I often see.But 

Here's what it says: 

20 colors to choose from! And to play around with that I find awesome! 

The smudge proof I'm not surprise that they would come up with one as It was expected that Sleek Make Up must surpass the last eyeliner on its own brand. 

So with that claim I told myself that I had to get them and try. Sadly, I got only 14 of them so I still need to find the other 6. =))

Here they are

 and swatches!!!

Swatches From Left to Right: 
Noir, Pumpkin, Moulin Rouge, Raisin, Red Night Sky, Blue Moon, Venom, Canary Yellow, Tonic, Melba, Satchel, Bullion, Noir and Cobalt blue. 

Okay! So tonight, I wouldn't take them off because I really wanted to see if they're  really smudge proof and how many hours will they last. ( Good thing I already showered and now ready for bed) 

I'll post in the morning what happened to them okay. Good night for now. =)) 

Here's what they look like this morning after all that tossing and turning in bed

They've smudged a little but not as I thought they will be. ( I'm a restless sleeper so I expect them to be almost gone this morning). =P 

Not bad right? They are still visible and no smear on my sheets. Smudge proof is claim is TRUE!!!


*Colors are superb and very pigmented. 
*Application is divine. 

*Nothing bad to say about the product really aside from for now it's just available on Sleek Make Up site and Super Drug Stores in UK.

Anyway, for our next post 

On the claim  where I was really intrigued "MULTI-PURPOSE pencils".

Will try them on next so watch out for that on my next post. =)) 


  1. awww love all that colors <3

  2. what is the brown one before the blue, it says noir, but i guess that's wrong, i'm looking to buy some nice browns but i just don't know wich ones to pick, an answer would really help.

  3. OPS! My bad! I think that's COCOA sis. :)) a dark brown shade.


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