Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hauling Like Crazy

Crossing between HK Island and Kowloon is always mezmerising for me. Specially if I see something fascinating like this. I was just seating on the ferry boat when I spotted this old junk. It was a total contrast of its back drop isn't it? That makes this picture beautiful I think.
Anyway, while crossing the harbour I was already thinking of what will I do next after I finished my main agenda,  which was to bring my friends' broken watch to ICE Watch Shop for a repair. 

Hmmm....lemme see lunch at CPK, Shop at Facess and roam around and shop  H&M before heading home. 
3hours after of walking and looking, here's  what I got (didn't include the ones from H&M no more time)  

Mac Brush Cleanser
Mac Primer
Mac lightful NC 30
MAC eyebrow powder Maple/ soft brown
Revlon Colorburst Lippies Ruby and Fushia (the other two were Mauve and Lilac which I bought the day before this) 
Revlon Color stay lip liner in Spice

I think I did great!!! =)

When I arrived home, I got a call for the Managing Director of Ice Watch and said that they are sorry for what had happened to the watch and that I can come back the following day to pick up the new classic watch  for my friend. (Wow!That was a fast )

And so today I did went back to Harbour City and yet again I was held up before leaving the area.

Take if off Nail polish Remover
Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
L.A  Girl Matte in Plum
L.A Girl Matter in Lilac
Skin food eyeshadow brush
Skin food choco eyebrow powder
Orly  Matte Topcoat

Whew! What can I say? Yes this is  good for me but  not too good for my wallet. hahaha!!!


  1. Waaahh!! Matte top coat!! matte nail polish!!!

  2. kainggit, di bagay sa akin matte topcoat haha

  3. Lelila, I'm inlove with Orly Matte top. =)


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