Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made a Comparison of

My favorite lippies.  
One from the Hello Kitty Collection Strayin' and the other  Revlon Color Burst Carnation 

MAC Strayin' and Revlon Carnation

close up pic

Carnation and Strayin' 

Their swatches  are almost the same. Except for the texture. MAC straying is smoother and much easier to glide while Revlon color burst Carnation is a wee bit sticky. 

With Strayin' you can see that it is more pigmented while Carnation takes about 2 to 3 coats before you can achieve the color you desire. 

Yup MAC straying is much better but sadly this is LE and priced at Hk$ 125.00 or Php 750.00. While Revlon Color burst is  Hk$ 98.00 or Php 588.00 only (not sure if this is limited collection).

Yup, these 2 beautiful lippies  have their pros and cons. But I have them both so I must say I love them BOTH!!! 


  1. parang bagong bago.. siguro bakup 'to. sosyal :)

  2. I think I like Carnation better though both looks really pretty. :P

  3. Maki, Both Lippies are new. Di ko pa actually nagagamit ang Strayin' since I bought it. hahaha!Puro swatches lang.

    Mas nagagamit ko pa si Carnation. Lol


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