Monday, May 10, 2010

MAC Lovelorn vs. Chanel Allure Rouge Super

People have been asking me if these two lippies are similar to each other. I'd say yes they are in a way cause they are both lustre pink. But I really cant tell the difference unless I take a swatch of both lippies.

okay so here it is.
With Flash

w/out flash

From top to Bottom
Chanel Rouge Allure Genial
Chanel Rouge Allure Super
MAC Lustering
MAC lovelorn
Question: Is Mac lovelorn comparable to Chanel Rouge Allure Super?

Yes, but there's a little bit of difference aside of course from their respective brands and price. Super is darker pink lustre shade than MAC lovelorn. Super glides easier than Lovelorn which is a little bit sticky on my skin.
If asked if which between the two should I take? I'd go for the Super.
I Love that glide!

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