Sunday, May 9, 2010

I found another Pink Lippie

Yes! As the title of this blog show I'm happy to announce to you that I found another Keeper. The New Revlon Color burst Collection.

I was actually looking for a deep pink lippie to match my pink bag. I first saw Fushia from this collection but sadly it didn't really match my bag. It has more of a blue undertone that makes my lips stand out too much. I think hubby will jump off the window when he sees this on me. hahahaha!

Shanghai Tang Silk Bag

Then I scrolled at the next color which is Carnation. This I can say is a MATCH. The bright pink color is not shocking as I expected. It glides easily without any hassle, It's buildable, no scent at all and non drying. You can play from barely there pink to deep pink lip color color.

Revlon Color Burst in Carnation

nice match isn't it?

Carnation upon application

And the staying powers is really impressive. Whew! What more can you ask for?
here are some of the swatches I made at the store

Really sorry for the crappy pic

Hmmm.... the only downside maybe is the price. It's about Hk$ 98.00 a pop. But never the less I think it is a very good buy.


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