Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Face Shop Blue Has Gone Matte!

Took this picture last weekend and I forgot to post it here. I was looking for that perfect navy blue for my nail color and here is the best I've got.

The Face shop BL 206 topped with Orly Matte Top!

Sorry for the mess I was so excited to take a pic and for got to clean up. hehehe!

For a perfect matte navy polish I'd vote for this one.  YES!


  1. i love the face shop polishes too! ganda! i wish i have orly's matte top coat!

  2. Go get one Maki galeng nito. And the staying power ha super. =) Kahit one week okay pa siya. I'm on my 4rth day na pero wala pang chip sign. =)

  3. Yung Essie Matte About You top coat ok din. Tumatagal nga. Ganda talaga Matte!

  4. Right! Now we can go matte anytime! =)


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