Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't Stop Shopping!!!

Yup I'm back in the land of boutiques, shops and good food! I was only supposed to accompany my friend Jaqueline to drop off her huge big box at the post office and then we agreed to go home early. But right after we got rid of the 30kgs. box we became hungry and remembered all the things we needed to accomplish before going home. And so From 11am to 2pm  we have accomplished THESE!!! 

Lunch at Rice Paper 

Beef rolled in fresh veggies

Wagyu beef noodles

Chicken seafood Fried Rice

And my Hauls?

Clothes, Nail Lacquers and Shoes!!!
OPI, Chic Chic and Cosmiss Nail Laquers

Maud Frizon Ballet flats

And My Lushies!!!

Whew! I didn't know how we accomplished so many in so little time!

After attending a nice talk at Edinburgh Building I was again left alone wondering to SASA- the Beauty junkie paradise and got these! ( except for the n/l's I got them earlier with the others)

Right! I bow not to go out tomorrow! argh!


  1. waaah!! nagutom ako bakla!

    Swatch!! Review!! (banana_dance) <-- lol

  2. Tara kain tayo!!!

    Yup swatches coming soon!!! I promise myself not to go out of the house tomorrow so expect some n/l swatches! =)

  3. Wow! It looks like you enjoyed a lot. :3 May I ask where Rice Paper is located? Thanks!

  4. Sugar, there's a branch at World trade Center in Causeway bay and also one in Harbour City, Hong kong sis. =)


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