Friday, June 25, 2010

Want to try ZA cosmetics

Today, my Kumare  Janis asked me to get her some ZA cosmetics. She's been a user of ZA cosmetic for some time now and vows that the make up really has a very good staying power. But she confessed that she hasn't tried their skin care line so today she's braving to try them on. 

 Hmmm.... Being a shopper as I am, I really  hated to leave my list incomplete. Yup I wasn't able to find some of the items in SASA Queens way Plaza in Admiralty and so I decided to go to Watson's in Queens Road, Central to get the rest of  my dear friends'  lemmings! After taking a cab and grabbed  a bite of Croque Monsieur and  a finish a bottle of Water mellon juice. I was able to find them all!! Yipeee!!!! 

*ZA Pore Smoother (blue square at the bottom)- a light weight, super smooth balm that instantly reduces the appearance of pores. Absorbs excess oil and instantly leaves skin silky matte.

*ZA Dewy Effect lotion (green bottle)- claims to replenish your skin with plenty of moisture for silky soft, touchable skin.

*ZA Dewy Effect Creamy eye gel ( green small tube)-Claims to blend in gently with the skin around your eyes. Keeping your skin smooth and soft for hours. 

*ZA Blemish shoot Lotion (blue bottle)- This  lotion claims to replenish your skin with abundance of moisture. And tightens pores for a silky matte skin.

*ZA T-Zone Cleansing  Peel Off mask ( blue tube)-claims to cling firmly to pore-clogging excess sebum, Removes skin impurities such as black heads and white heads.
*ZA Groovy Smoothy Oil Blotting Powder (White box)- supposed to control greasiness and shine for speedy retouching make up. Dullness free, silk smooth skin.

ZA Wide Eyes Mascara (white long tubes below)

And because I was also intrigued  by them I've decide to get mine too.
 Along with my ZA Blemish Shoot  lotion, Groovy smoothy and Paper  Oil Blotter I also got my GOSH Nail polishes  in Black passion,  Purple heart, Sweet Peach and Neutrogena  Power cleanser and Pads.

                       Woohooo! Think I did well today. 


For a good job I gave myself  Hershey's Chocolates!!! 

Love It!!!!


  1. omg! GOSH! i love it! :D smile! may nakita ka bang gosh rainbow dyan? :)

  2. and yes you did extremely well :D

  3. Pam, I'll get you Gosh Rainbow promise! =)

  4. omg smile!!!! thank you! :D :D :D :D


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