Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look After My Hair

Our hair is our crowning glory, the silent beauty as I call it as it could catch somebody's breath for a minute or two and also the head turner to some. 

Without our luscious locks,  we ladies are like Samson. We are weak, limp and feel like we are not a pretty sight. I, myself feel like incomplete when my hair is not as shiny as I hope it should  be. 

And so how do I take care of it? I give it lots of tender loving care. Yes,  monthly I have hair treatment may it be a home or at my favorite salon. 

Using my favorite hair products of course.

Kerastase Oleo Fusion  for my treatment -
 2 vials of this could make the tip of your hair revitalized. Highly recommended for rebonded hair.

Kerastase Resitance Shampoo and Conditioner This product really helped me a lot whenI had my very bad hair "YEAR". Yes my hair got damaged a long time ago and this dynamic duo saved my days and weeks.

This serves as my hot oil treatment. Only a walnut size of this thick, rich and creamy paste would really make your hair soft and supple. And smell good too!

The effect?  Like this!!!

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