Wednesday, September 1, 2010

have to Pack Up!

Sorry again for leaving the blogger world for a long time. I'm busy as a bee. Traveling like a ping pong ball from one place to another. Creating space in Phils. for our "priced possessions" from HK and also emptying a flat to go to Philippines. 

Yes, we are definitely leaving Hong Kong in 2 weeks so I'm busy packing things up. Lots of boxes around me now. I'm confuse on where to start but still I hope I could cope up with it. I'm packing most of them myself because hubby is still going to the office everyday and he only declutter his pile of docs, knick knacks and others  on weekends. 

We are nowhere near the finish line and the movers are due to come over on the 7th to pick everything up! I have my BFF to tour around HK and I have cocktail dinner in the evening.  I wanna cry but I need to focus. 

Pray for me!!!

So bear with me guys I'll soon come back and post more. 


  1. relax lang dear! superwoman ka naman eh haha

  2. awww smile! sending you positive thoughts! :D hug hug!


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