Wednesday, September 28, 2011

got my eye on Les Jean de Chanel Les Vernis Collection

Yes! I got my eyes on  Les Jean De Chanel. Why? because blue is one of my favorite color. i love the cleanliness and its character. 

Solid , Clean and Attractive

When I heard about this collection I told my self there's no way I would ever get my hands onto them because according  blogs and announcements that I've been reading, they are very limited and they're selling so fast that I even created chaotic pile in NYC.  

Some sellers on Ebay sells these collection for a whooping $130.00 !!!

Then an offer from Cam came to me a day before he flies back to Manila. BBM message says: "Anything you want me to get for you while I have an hour spare to shop? . My heart pounded so fast that my hands and fingers were trembling while typing out  the names of the Les Jeans Collection. Yeah adrenaline rush!!!!

 After sending the message I didn't hear anything from him. All I know is that I know he'll try. Then I got a message saying "Where will I find that ?" Ha! Now  I can't take off the grin on my face when I learned that he's really eager to get  my nail polishes! He's my Hubby, BFF and shopping partner roll into one. Lucky me! And so  I told him where to go within Central and then _____________.

I really wanted to ask him after that if he's going to or has he gotten my polishes but I've decided to just keep quiet and wait for him to tell me. Keep chanting to myself  "Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue" until the time came. 

Yes my dearie was able to find the Chanel shop and got me my polishes! Weeeee!

So here I am excited to present to you my Les Jean de Chanel Les Vernis Collection.

Coco Blue this shade is almost like Riva plus the pearl shimmer.  It's cream texture thats why color is really nice  and smooth when applied. Less streaks which I love because it lessens my time to reapply.

Blue Boy is also in cream texture. I only had to apply a little of this  and the color really showed up really nicely . 2 coats and I'm done. =)

The good thing about this lacquers is that they don't stink and they glide smoothly on your tips. With  Blue Rebel  2coats and you won't go back for thirds.

Yes Les Jeans is love!!!! 

Don't you agree with me?


  1. kunwari nalang wala akong nakikita... :D ang ganda, Smile! <333 sana di ko nalang sinilip to, patay na patay pa naman ako sa mga NPs na kulur blue. LOL! :D

  2. Thanks CottonCandyINK I'm into blue phase. =)

    BabyJap, BI mode ba? lol

  3. Love these colours! Al three are beautiful


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