Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleek i-Divine Palette Bad Girl

Errand Day :  Off  to pay my bills and to go  for food shopping for the family. Hmmmm.... I think somebody up there woke in the wrong side of the bed and just decided that today should be a wet and gray day. And I'm the mood to be a bad girl when I talk to globe once more.

This inspired me to do: My EOTD and FOTD is as bad as Typhoon Pedring. Lol
Here is Sleek Bad Girl i Divine Palette 

For this rainy day I used #3 blade and #5 underground with a light touch of  #2gullible as a high light. Sadly it didn't really show up on me though. hmp! 

Ayayay!!! I forgot to put mascara on but it's already fierce!

With or without the mascara I think the bad girl look definitely present

For my Bad Girl  FOTD
Gosh Primer
Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk 5.5
Lorac brow set in brown
Bourjois Lip Creme in Fuchsia Delicat

See how bad this weather made me? ha ha ha!


  1. what a nice look, and i love the necklace its so cute! now following back!;-)

  2. @CottonCandyINk, Thank for following back. A wee bit embarrassed though as I haven't done my eyes for a long time. Now I have to practice all over again! ;-)

  3. great look! I've always wanted to try sleek I hear great things about their products

  4. I love how wearable this is. Very pretty! Now I kinda want the bad girl palette!

  5. Stacey, some people think bad girl is too fierce for a day look but I 'd say nay!

    It's great for day time too . =)

  6. PolaBerry, go ahead get one and you'll never regret it. =)

  7. I have not been able to get my paws on a Sleek palette yet, but you are obviously rocking it! You have a very beautiful face :)
    I love the phrase under your header by the way..
    I'm your newest follower!

  8. Y, thank you dear. Yes, I want to experience all of those now at this point of my life, wherein I'm already at the right age to appreciate everything that's been going on. Sounds serious but all together crazy isn't it? lol


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