Monday, September 5, 2011

Barry M Part 2!

remember the post I made last month about That  I dreamed about barry M Nail paints?  Well, It didn't stop there. As it happened once again. Lol! 

here's another post of very vibrant and colorful nail paints that Barry M has!


Yes! I love Barry M Nail paints. They're pretty, smooth and quick drying! Sometimes I wish they are candies like M&M's! Lol!

Cyan blue 

Blue Moon is a pale blue that make me feel like in cloud 9.

Blocked Orange is yummy

Strawberry i/c looks like an icing on the cake

Peach Melba is a pastel color that doesn't look icky on your tips.

Coral this one is adorable

Pink Flamingo  is for a pretty lady 

Pure Turquoise love it to bits

Lemon L/C a yellow that will totally rock your world

Bright Purple nothing beats the yam! ha!

Blue Berry is yummy

fuchsia is sophisticated

Blue Glitter is glam

Grey is elegant!

As I looked and admire all these colors, the more I can't describe how pretty they are  so I'll just let you be the judge.

Just look at them and you'll know what I mean!


  1. lovely! can't them all :)
    visiting from GT

  2. Thank you ladies. I love them all too. <3

    Kath , visit mo site ni lelila soon magkakaron na siya nito. =)

  3. Hi!Where can i purchase those nail paints? thanks ^_^


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