Friday, September 9, 2011

Dreamed about Sleek Make Up Part 2 (blushes)

I know that you loved my post  "Dreamed of Sleek Make up Part 1" and so now I'll share with you my Part 2 This time it's about Sleek Make Up blushes. 

Note: Please don't be deceived by how bright or dark they look because I guarantee that these is just a front. Ha! 

I find the rectangular shape of Sleeks case very convenient. It's not bulky and could actually fit in to my small purse.   Case is in a  sturdy matte black which is good for me because it doesn't shows scratches in time. 

Pomegranate captured my eyes first. it's in that deep old rose color.

This shade is good for  every night outs on my  black dress and having fun with the girls or on a dinner date. It's also a good blush during those gloomy rainy days or winter days  to give me that happy feeling while out in the rain /snow.

Pixie Pink is a girly shade that will suit  casual days. It'll be a fun everyday shade. hmmm.... this shade actually reminds me of  MAC dolly pink which I also love. 

Oh! Sunrise your  such a beautiful sight!  This shade will rock my summer days! I fell inlove with those not so prominent shimmers. I think it will be best to for me  wear this on a good night out and during summer time while I'm on the beach having a sun bath and sipping my mojito!   

  Yes Coral!  You're matte and a deep brick red  color but you can't stop me from wearing you baby. You  have that rusty color that will made me feel intimidated but once I swipe you on my cheeks I'm sure you'll tame up. ha!

SWATCHES : L-R Pomegranate, Pixie pink, Sunrise and Coral

See? I only use my fingers  to put them on my skin to see how nice they are.  Just a little swipe, tap and dab. Viola! Prettiness appears! 

These shades are so pigmented and build able  that I only need a light swipe using  MAC 129 blush brush.

So do you think you can handle these shades as well as I do? 


  1. the loud pink shade is super!! :D youre selling?

  2. Ang ganda especially Pixie Pink and Pomegranate!

    Rose Gold and Flamingo caught my eyes the first time I saw them.

  3. @Kumik Mae, oh pixie pink is really adorable. Yes it will be available on my site soon sister. =)

    @Pammy, yes they're all eye catching . Love it! =)

  4. veks, tell me pag meron ka na ng pixie pink!

  5. Inggit ako, Smile! Lemming ko Sleek blushes! ang gaganda nila! Si chel naka-kita nanaman ng fenk na blush! :D

  6. BabyJap, kulitin mo si Sol! ha ha ha!

    Pats, I know you'll like these!!!! <3

  7. Sis, I so love the sunrise shade! Just right in my skin tone. :) You're so lucky, you have every shade :)

  8. got 3 shades already but it seems coral's nicey too!!! thanks for the review sissy sexy! <3

  9. Chew on this, yes sunrise is really nice. I've alreay used it twice! wee!

    Prettyprincess, I'm sure you'll love them all. =) You're welcome pretty!


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