Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Review: Sleek Make Up Shangrila LE Collection

Finally got my hands on these beautiful eyeshadow palette. 

The color combination of both palettes are delectable. Very nice to play with. The colors are great from spring  and summer tones. That's why I fell in love with them 

These palettes are a collaboration between london based fashion house PPQ and Sleek Make-up.
PPQ is a fashion house launched by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker.
They are responsible for such trends as the drain pipe jeans and for dressing major music artists such as Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty.
Inspired by 60's motown and both are filled with 12 vibrant, high pigment powder eyeshadows.


Supreme Palette

This on great for people who prefer the more earthy tones. The Greens, ochres, yellow and blues. Perfect for a sultry stained eye. This palette is mainly matte but also has frosted shades good for  highlighting. 

Respect Palette
is a mixture of warm toned neutrals, plum and corals with a hot pink thrown in for good measure. this palettel is a little bit scary  for my liking as I haven't used any red on my lids. But Let's see maybe I can blend it down to soften the outcome and mix it with natural colors. hihihi! 
Crossing my fingers on this one. =)

I don't have swatches yet as I don't want to disturb their immaculate look. Yes I've been staring at them since I got them. =)) And I really wanted to try them out soon. 
hmmmm..... maybe I get to use them on Valentine's Day! yay!


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  1. Intrigued to see the swatches sis :) Will wait for it!


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