Saturday, September 4, 2010

I bring you New Amber Lights Laguna!

  Both me and my sister Marilou were considered  unconscious candle collector for years, and only later did we notice that we've accumulated lots of them. 
Me, I acquired most of it from trips abroad and gifts given by friends. Even bought  candles for give aways or to combine it with spa sets that my Hubby gave in the office last  Christmas 

 I think this is the one of the "Once you pop, you can't stop sickness". he he he!

  And about a few months ago  I just found myself learning and sourcing about soya wax.  Learning how great it is and what benefit does it contribute.  And because of that curiosity I'd like to bring you 

 AMBER LIGHTS LAGUNA Scented Soya Candle Collection 

 Relax and inhale the goodness of life!

We used 100% eco friendly materials on this collection,  aim to bring you back to taking good care of mother nature by using only pure organic product. 

All Amber Lights Laguna product gives you 
  • Clean-burning and do not produce soot that stains walls and harms lungs
  • Toxin-free and non-carcinogenic
  • Our soy candles have very good fragrance absorption, and both the candles and room smells great
  • Zero fragrance loss throughout the life of the candle means the candle smells as great at the bottom as it did at the top of the candle
  •  Eco-friendly: Made from a sustainable resource & biodegradable
  •  Last more than  50% longer than conventional candles
  •  high quality soya wax.

It has 10 eco-friendly candle varieties that you can choose from: 
Country meadow
Chocolate Mint
Green Apple 
Vanilla Heaven
Cinnamon Spice
Coffee Extra
Banana nut Bread
Lavander Extra
Baby powder

And continuously, we are  on the process of adding more scents in the near future.

So, if you want to relax and enjoy yourself without harming our environment or just  bring home the spa feel in your home? 



  1. love the new layout! and i love amber lights... ang ganda ng box, love it! :D

    we'll do a pictorial when you get back ha :D

  2. I find your new layout sophisticated. :P I wonder how chocolate mint smells like. I don't like eating chocolate but I love its smell!

  3. Pammy, Thank you. I was just experimenting. =) Oh! about chocolate mint soya , if you know Andes Chocolate mint, that's it. But only the scent ha. he he he!

    Pajammy, Thank you kapz! Sure we do the pictorial when I get back na. I think ALL is more confident now. =P

  4. Smile! Thank you so much for posting on behalf of Pam... you are so amazing! :D I love how everything was packed, and thank you for your candles. I just love their sizes and can't wait to burn them! :D Aaaahhh! You're in Hong Kong!! Are you still here??

  5. You're most welcome Miss Bun. :D

    Yup I'm still here until Thursday. ;D


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