Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Rings!

Remember when I accidentally got Froggy  from Aldo few months ago? 

Today, I remember that Froggy must be lonely  and felt alone without someone to join him. So I went out to hunt  him a new companion.

I found this gecko from Aldo. And I name him "Pedro the Gecko" 

He's a keeper isn't he?

Another one is Aldo double strap Owl watch.
 Now named "Olie"!

I couldn't find more so I headed to my favorite fashion accessory store and got some more unique pieces!

A double ring 

and two beautiful shinny pendant rings!

I went back to the apartment so happy knowing that Froggy will no longer be lonely.

Hmmm... Lemme see with this pic?  I think I need to do my nails tonight too! 


  1. I'm still hoping that frog ring will be sold locally. Ganda!

  2. Thanks Pam and Sheilz! Miss you galz!

    Actually Mel, the reason why I again went to Aldo is because of you. (";)

  3. OMG!!!! EEEEKK!!!! WANT!!!! Froggy ring awesomeness!

    I find that since I've been crazy over nail polish, I've REALLY gotten into rings!!! :D

    OMG NO WAY NAKED NAILS!!! hahahha

  4. You said it right Ms. Bun!

    It was like I committed a nail crime! ha ha ha!

  5. Haha, OMG Smile I'm partially responsible pala for these expenditures :)

    Thanks btw for going there. Iisa lang ang Aldo sa HK right? Yung nasa IFC?

  6. Yes Mel, my conscience is bugging me all the time for not getting your froggy in time.

    Yup, Aldo is only in IFC sis. =P


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