Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dreamed of Barry M Nail polish!

Facts about Barry M.

Barry M is known as the most colourful name in cosmetics and the UK's number 1 fashion cosmetic company. With over 400 different colours and a wide range of products Barry M has become a household name in the field of Fashion Cosmetics. We offer the customer a low to mid-price brand of quality, affordable and extremely fashionable fun cosmetics.

Barry M Cosmetics was created in London, Great Britain in 1982 by Barry Mero. In the early 80's Barry had a number of retail outlets around London selling beauty and cosmetic products. The fashion was for dramatic, outrageous make-up. However he found that no one was producing the exciting and vivid colours that his customers required. So in June 1982 he decided to put together the Barry M Cosmetic range.
The Barry M name soon became a cult name in the field of colour cosmetics and in those days if you were a new Romantic, Punk or Gothic the chances are you would have been using Barry M to make your statement!
Top: Mint green, Cobalt Bluem Indigo
Bottom : Vivid purple, Dusky Mauve  and Navy

Cobalt blue lovely clean color I can't resist.

This is the blue that brightens your tips

Mint green  a fresh  summery color 

yup streaks can't be avoided

Indigo is like yam.

Makes me wanna eat Ube Jam! Lols

Navy is with a shimmer that will keep you staring at it.

dark but pretty 

Dusky Mauve isa like dark mocha spilled on my tips

It  reminds me of  OPI's You don't know Jacques

Vivid Purple is my all time fave color  

See those silk purple color? For me that's an eye popper. 

The bottles are only 10ml but will surely give a splash of color to your tips! 


  1. nice collection I love the vibrant colors!

  2. Thanks sis! I love them too! =)

  3. Love the Vivid Purple and the Mint Green! Nice colors!

  4. If remember it right also Dusky Mauve is a DUPE of Chanel Paradoxal. hmmm......


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