Monday, August 29, 2011

Dreamed of Sleek Make Up

Heard about Sleek Make ups last July from my friend Digital Train Case and from then on I've been lemming on it. I watched some videos, read blog and looked at their site for how many nights.  Listing all the things I wanna try from this  brand. 

Sleek Make ups Mission 

 Sleek MakeUP is a colour cosmetics brand dedicated to providing a comprehensive make-up range for all women, especially those that are often under-represented by mainstream brands. 

 This is a good mission as not everyone can afford those high end cosmetics. And good idea to give other lassies to have a good quality make up not costing an arm or a leg. 

Upon reading all the entries on Sleek Make up website . I decided to  ordered online! ha ha ha! 

It's now in Hong kong waiting for my handsome beau to pick them up.=)

Then I got a chance to ask my friend from London to purchase some Sleek make up for me. I was so happy and got so excited that  I listed down a lot of items . ha ha ha! She said a friend of hers will be coming home soon so she'll just ask her to bring it down for me. weeeeee!!!!! 

I waited for  2 weeks and then my prayer was answered I got a message from UK friend that my Sleek make up has landed Manila! I'm over the moon!

Since I have a lot of them I think I'll have to do a part by part post about Sleek make up.

First off Sleek True Color Lipsticks!

A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat.

Can be applied using a lip brush for a professional finish. 3.5g

The packaging:  It's an oval matte case. Most of the reviews says it's like Nars case in texture but this one doesn't look or feel rubbery at all. Size is just about 2inches that for me is handy if you only carry around small purse.

the colors are amazing you have a choice of matte and sheer. The pictures on the packaging is the same shade as the ones on the tube.

See those vibrant colors? Aren't they stunningly delish? ha!

Swatches L to R 

Pink Freeze (m), Barely There (s), Cherry (s), Baby Doll (s), Amped (m), Papaya Punch (m), 
Candy Cane (s),  O.M.G. (s), and Fuchsia(s)

Now tell me, why shouldn't I go gaga over these pretty colors!


  1. OMG! nakainggit! I've been wanting to try Sleek for the longest time, mahal lang ng shipping! :(

  2. Super yummy looking sila di ba sis?

    One of these days this product will be in Manila na promise. =)

  3. grabe kumpleto ka, madam! :D <333 super love!

  4. BabyJap, sinipag ako mag lista. =P

  5. grabe ang ganda! gusto ko lahat ng kuley! <333

  6. wow! major major sa ganda! eto ang tunay na nakakapaglaway sis.. ahhh i love lipsticks... :)

  7. BabyJpap, abangan! =) I'm sure you'll rock these colors. danda kaya ng lips mo. =)

    Belle, pareho tayo.I also love lipsticks. ;-)


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