Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simple Review: Bioderma Crealine Make Up Remover

Before anything else I really would like to thank the famous  Lisa Eldridge for this recommendation. This product is heaven sent to all of us make up junkies. Thanks for introducing us to Bioderma and to all other fabulous products. =) 

Today is Bioderma day! The infamous make up remover that's making a huge noise in the make up and skin care industry nowadays. Or if I'm wrong most probably for a huge number of months now as I have been living under the rock lately. =P

Bioderma Crealine H2O

Product Description 

Crealine H2O make-up remover and cleansing solution, without perfume for fragile skin and fine skin cleansing. Face and eye make-up removal. Rash, blotches..

Solution of fatty acid esters, both emulgatory and filmogenous, enables dirt to be emulsified and surface hydrolipidic film to be reconstituted.

Soothing and emolliant, thanks to cucumber extract.

Non detergent, non foaming, neutral pH. Soap free.

From the description itself  I was skeptical to get it at first as I really need to see how this thing works. Plus it wan't available locally, but when I saw Lisa Eldridge's beauty video on how to use Bioderma Make up remover  and how she adore it, I was at awe. Telling myself  that "If this is how easy it works I gotta have it". True enough I got it. Then Lo & behold thanks to my dear friend and partner Sol of Digital Traincase who brought Bioderma  here in the Philippines! Yay!   

With Bioderma on hand,  it only took me a few minutes to take off all that make up on my face and I also love that it doesn't feel greasy on me. I know I told you this a dozen times but I hate  the feeling of stickiness on my skin or on my body. I  also just took off my make up without tugging or pulling my skin. Now that for me is superb specially when it comes to taking off mascara. You all know that I use fiber mascaras so using warm water alone takes it off easily, I tell you this is same with using Bioderma. no mess no smudge and  yes without a trace!  I utterly love this product. After taking off my make up I just have to wash my face using My konjac sponge and my gentle cleanser and viola! Sleek & clean face!  

Call me exaggerated but I tell you Bioderma Crealine Make Up remover really works. 


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